Apple Mac owns 90% market share for ‘premium’ PCs costing over $1,000 with $499 iPad coming soon

“Windows 7 did little to slow the Mac’s sales trajectory during fourth quarter, according to NPD. Year over year, Apple doubled US retail unit share — from 5 percent to 10 percent — for PCs selling between $500 and $1,000. More startling, Apple increased its unit share from 79 percent to 90 percent in the market for ‘premium’ PCs, meaning those selling for more than $1,000,” Joe Wilcox reports for Betanews. “In July, I reported that Apple’s revenue share for PCs selling for more than $1,000 was 91 percent, because of higher average selling prices; nearly all Macs sold for more than $1,000. Now Apple benefits from 90-percent unit share, too.”

“Stated differently: Nine out of 10 premium PCs purchased from US retail brick-and-mortar stores or online sites (including major chains and Apple Store) during fourth quarter was a Mac,” Wilcox reports. “The data isn’t good for Microsoft’s Windows PC partners. Microsoft and OEMs touted more feature-rich Windows 7 PCs for the holidays. Additionally, ahead of Windows 7’s launch, Microsoft spent six months marketing premium Windows PCs during its ‘Laptop Hunters’ campaign. These marketing efforts apparently failed. Apple doesn’t just own the premium market, its sales are increasing there.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve seen more than enough: Are the people at Microsoft’s Mac-loving ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, intentionally trying to sabotage Microsoft? If so, it’s working. Great job, guys; keep it up! If not, they’re as inept as the should-be used car salesman with history’s most fortunate dorm assignment who ultimately approved these myriad self-damaging campaigns.MacDailyNews Take regarding Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” ad campaign, April 04, 2009

WIlcox continues, “For now, as I explained in Friday post, “‘Apple iPad was my idea’,” there are no price cuts but an opening of price bands. I wrote: “iPad fills a gaping hole in the [portable] Mac product line between the aforementioned $399 and $999. Suddenly, the cheapest, functional Mac portable is $499, or half what it was on Monday. Consumers who wanted a Mac but couldn’t afford one can get one for under 500 bucks.” The day after, I posted about Apple covering all mobile computing price points from $99 to $2,499, Boy Genius Report put together a visual representation.”

Wilcox writes, “The one question remains: Can Apple really be effective taking its premium brand success to the market below five hundred bucks? That’s for iPad to answer, starting in about 60 days.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. So, are the talking heads now going to count all OS X devices as computers? The iPad is going to be counted like the NetBooks. If they count the iPad, why not the iPod touch and iPhone that also run apps on a OS X operating system.

    I want the real OS X market share in the PC count! Stop shielding the true story of the fall of Microsoft!

  2. “$59 dollars for a low end Apple product…that doesn’t have a place to sit on – making it not an effective business throwing device. Take Staples recent office chair for TWENTY NINE DOLLARS – …”

  3. Mmm, am I missing something? The iPad works all by itself w/o the need for a Mac or PC? My understanding is that it is _not_ a stand-alone computer; it’s an accessory. Like the iPhone, it needs a Mac or PC to initiate, update, synchronize, etc. Framing the iPad as replacing Windows PCs seems inaccurate.

  4. “These marketing efforts apparently failed.”
    What do they mean? MS succeeded! They succeeded to sell under $1000 computers, which is what they advertised.

    “Impressive, so how does Dell make money?”
    With smoke and mirror. As long as they can convince wall street to buy their stock, who cares what they make at the retail?

  5. “Consumers who wanted a Mac but couldn’t afford one can get one for under 500 bucks.”

    Wrong Gonzo. The iPad is not a Mac. Your gonna have to pony up $599 for a new Mac Mini. I checked and Apple doesn’t have any refurbished MMs. Hmmm?

  6. I think that Apple should take action on price point of mac. It is still expensive. With the same price, you can get higher spec and advatage of hardware. $1000 MacBook is piece of shit. With that price, you should do almost everything you want. But you can’t. Even MacBook pro is not really equipped with very latest hardware in. It is shame. Premium? Nobody wants ridicoulous price with less spec. Tablet? I don’t know. It is not iPhone. It looks just bigger version. Nothing to take advantage of it. I doubt that it will be flying high. It would be the same destination like apple TV. When you have portable laptop and iPhone, why do you need tablet? Only thing is that ipad price point seems right this time. I can’t say it is cheaper but not really expensive with that technology you will enjoy.

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