Chinese cloner says it may sue Apple over iPad

“China’s Shenzhen Great Loong Brother today threatened that it might sue Apple for allegedly cloning one of its tablet PCs with the iPad,” Electronista reports.

“A company spokesman claims the Apple design resembles the black bezel, chrome trimmed P-P-P88 tablet it released in 2009,” Electronista reports. “Since both have roughly 10-inch touchscreens and are technically sold in the US, SGLB could theoretically challenge Apple for cloning its design where the complainant itself has often produced clones of its own.”

Electronista reports, “The P88 itself partly resembles an oversized iPhone but is essentially a touch-only Windows netbook…”

Full article, with an image of the piece of crap, here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Shenzhen Great Loong Brother sues Apple over this, they’re Great Craazy, Brother.


  1. I think I just might purchase this fine product from our Chinese friends. Looks like great quality with best OS available and the manufacturer has a good reputation and probably offers first class service… What a Loooosers!

  2. Isn’t that like Nike suing Adidas because the latter uses laces? Every flatscreen or monitor has a frame around the screen. And whether they use chrome trim or another material is hardly something that can be copyrightable.

    This plaintiff is just another loser looking for a quick payday. And, yes, Apple’s design is a lot nicer than their POC.

  3. Oh yeah, they look exactly the same right down to the little green START button in the corner.

    This story is crap….like the Chinese are really going to sue a high visibility company like Apple for creating a knockoff. In a way I hope they are that stupid…free advertising for the iPad.

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