U.S. White House launches first Apple iPhone app

Apple Online Store“Today, we’re excited to announce the new White House App available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch [sic],” Dave Cole blogs for WhiteHouse.gov.. “The White House App delivers dynamic content from WhiteHouse.gov to the palm of your hand.”

“One feature that stands out is live video streaming,” Cole writes. “Now anyone with this app can watch the President’s public events at the White House, frequent web chats with Administration officials, and other events like key speeches and press briefings in real time.”

“In fact, the President’s State of the Union speech next week is a great example,” Cole writes. “In addition to the millions of Americans watching through TV and websites like WhiteHouse.gov/live, iPhone users on the go will be able to tune in through their phones.”

“The White House App also lets users stay up to date with the White House Blog and the latest from the Briefing Room,” Cole writes. “Browse behind-the-scenes photos and watch on-demand videos. The app provides instant access to full videos from recent speeches, press briefings, and special events.”

The White House App is available as a free download from Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Source: The White House Blog


  1. I just dowloaded it for free thinking it would really improve my life. But every time I click in it, it charges me.

    When I try to delete it, it says I have to wait until 2012. Then it charges me again.


  2. I seem to recall the White House gift to the Queen of England of an iPod loaded with Obama’s speeches didn’t go over so well. What makes them think any but their devoted followers are interested in being sucked into Obama’s own Reality Distortion Field?

    A countdown clock to the elections of 2010 and 2012 – that might be another matter.

  3. All of the parents out there with kids who have iPhones and iPod touches need to watch out for them downloading this app. No doubt this is another instrument for Obama to indoctrinate your children into his radical, socialist ideals. Who knows what kind of message the app secretly broadcasts after it’s been downloaded and your guard is down.

  4. “This is great. Now I’ll be able to instantly discover when all that “change” stuff is going to happen.”

    It already has. The government has taken over corporations, quadrupled (a great feat in itself considering how bad it was before), fired CEOs, started limiting pay for corporate employees, and is now trying to wrest control of 1/6 of the nations economy.

    That’s change….which is all you’ll have in your pocket soon.

  5. No, I think I would like to keep Obama and the rest of the Democratic socialist team off my iPhone and my Macs. Besides, after yesterday’s slap down in the Senate election, I think the people may be back in power soon.

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