PC World soothsayer: Apple tablet won’t work for business

Apple Online Store“Attention Apple fan-boys and -girls: Read no further. But if you run a small business and want to avoid wasting money and brain cells on superfluous technology, forget about the iSlate or whatever Apple is going to call its tablet computing device. It’s going to be too expensive, it does things you don’t need to do, and it will add a messy layer of complication to your company’s computing infrastructure,” Bill Snyder writes for PC World.

“Sure, the tablet we expect Apple to launch on January 27 will probably have more than its share of cool factor,” Snyder writes. “But do you want to spend $1,000 or so for bragging rights?”

“Let’s think about the form factor,” Snyder writes. “It’s designed like a clipboard. I don’t know about you, but I find it much easier to enter data sitting down with a keyboard rather than standing and writing.”

Snyder writes, “The iSlate is rumored to run the new iPhone 4.0, and while I can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone 3GS, it is a really bad choice for a business computer… Why would you want to carry around a device that’s nearly as big (and twice as expensive) as a netbook, but doesn’t run your business applications, isn’t very secure, and is awkward to use?”

“A real laptop or netbook does real work that helps a business succeed. So does a Blackberry, a Pre or an iPhone,” Snyder writes. “But cool as it may be, the iSlate fails that crucial test. Ignore the frenzy, save your money.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks, Bill, you’ve saved us all so much time! No more waiting for the unveiling. No need to review spec sheets, features, and pricing. This is the sort of valuable, excellent content for which PC World is renowned. Bravo to all involved!


  1. Let’s take the time to review products that haven’t even been released yet. Why not go further and review stuff that hasn’t been invented yet? I am going to say that my flying car isn’t going to get the mileage on one charge that it should. The interior is going to need a lot of work for the comfort level that people are accustomed to in vehicles. See, I can make up BS too for stuff that isn’t even available or even invented yet. Now, everyone try it. It’s super fun.

  2. So is this guy just a hit whore or is this an example f the way he thinks. It has obviously never occurred to him that this could create a paradigm shift in how we enter and read information. He seems to forget that we already have auto-fill, for instance, so that we don’t have to keep entering some of the same info over and over unlike on paper forms.

    My prediction is that it will start as a consumer media device but have practical implications for a number of business applications that will be supplied by third parties, causing the tablet to be used in markets not envisioned even by Apple.

  3. Is Apple selling tablets in the stores? No
    Are there demo units for the reporters? No
    Did Apple demo one at an event? No
    Did Apple announce a tablet coming in the future? No
    Did Apple hint about a tablet? No

    Has Apple given any reason to believe they will release a tablet? No

    But PCWorld has already reviewed it and deemed it junk.
    Wow, what great reporters they are.

  4. try doing inventory in a warehouse on a notebook you dumb sh*tf*CK. I’ve never used a clipboard in small business, except like whenever I need to walk around and write something down, which is very common at events.

  5. Not very secure?
    Awkward to use?
    Please tell me you have actually used that thing because writing about a product that it’s not on the market is just plain stupid.

    And where did you come up with the idea that Apple’s product are not very secure? Idiot.

  6. @ bjh

    Bloody terrified. I’m reminded of the fear in Ballmer’s eyes as he said the iPhone won’t be good for business because it doesn’t have a keyboard.

    You’ve got to have a pretty gigantic set on you to write the above article without a single SHRED of evidence about the tablet’s form factor, operating system, ‘cool factor’, or price.

    Or maybe it’s a weird sort of jujitsu straw man… maybe homeboy knows that the tablet will have all that great stuff and is setting up for some grand revelation and crow-eating. WOW FOLKS!!! the tablet has it ALL!!!

    That’s just the paranoia talking, I know, but it was worth a shot. >.<


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