Analyst: Expect Microsoft Zune phone within 2 months

“Is Microsoft about to launch its own smart phone?” Eric Savitz asks for Barron’s.

“In a bold call Monday night, Jefferies analyst Katherine Egbert asserts in a research note that ‘recent industry checks’ indicate Microsoft will do just that within the next two months – fulfilling years of speculation about a secretive effort known as Project Pink to develop a Microsoft branded handset,” Savitz reports. “Egbert thinks the phone will debut either at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 15-18, or at the CTIA show in Las Vegas a month later.”

Savitz reports, “Egbert says the company is ‘partnering with a few OEM manufacturers’ to create a Zune-like phone… [and that] the OEM deals will be similar to HTC’s arrangement to build the Nexus One phone for Google.”

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  1. Much like the Zune was quite a decent device (on the specs, as well as with the UI), this new phone will likely be a good phone. Obviously, Microsoft stands little chance, since it’s the ‘whole widget’ concept that puts up barriers to everyone to even begin to compete with Apple.

    I’m sure many will be quite interested to see how this phone will look, not to mention what it will do to their “Win Mobile” partners (I guess they kinda forgot about the whole “Play for Sure” scenario back there…).

  2. Model after Google’s HTC Nexus One Phone… so the NEW Zune Phone will actually be a rebadge phone running Win7… How is this groundbreaking? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I believe Robbie Bach said last week how bad Google was for alienating the phone manufacturers by releasing their own phone. Also winmo 7 will not be ready until 2011. Makes no sense to release a 6.5 phone. Unless project pink was all about a new phone OS, but I doubt M$ could pull it off.

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