RUMOR: Apple prepping 22-inch touch-screen iMac

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“A Chinese newspaper reported Monday that Apple Inc. will introduce a 22-inch, touch-screen version of the iMac this year,” The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports.

“The Commercial Times reported that Taiwan-based Sintek Photronic would supply the screens and Quanta would make the hardware,” The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I guess if you can build it, you build it. It is like climbing the highest mountain. Not sure I will need a lot of those at that size.

    Not sure Steve would see a need for it either. So, it is most likely just a rumor.

  2. This seems doubtful unless it’s a special purpose system. MDN’s take on Gorilla Arm seems useful to invoke here… The screen could be the size of a wall but your arms would get tired…unless you were an orchestra leader.

    even then.

  3. At this time, I have no interest in a touchscreen iMac or any other either touch screen computer.

    For something with finger prints all over it, must lift my arms just to control the computer, and it would work for commercial purpose in a store- not in my house!

    I will leave it open for some compelling application of the technology, not now though.

  4. In its current form, iMac would be practically useless with the touch screen, and neither Jobs, nor Ive would be caught dead pimping it.

    Touchscreen interface is clearly by far the most intuitive user interface for a computing device, when DONE RIGHT (see iPhone). In order to be done right, that new iMac would have to be lying flat on the surface of the desk (or tilted slightly upwards towards the user), and the interface would need to allow the user to rest hands/arms on the surface, being able to reliably tell the difference between finger tip touch and palm/wrist/arm.

    If anyone can do this, Apple can. And when they do it, it will turn computing industry upside down, exactly the way iPhone did for mobile industry.

  5. Will that be glossy fingerprints or non-glossy fingerprints all over your computer screen?

    I too would not purchase this computer. I think Apple is on the right track with their multi-gesture track pad.


  6. Another rumor with a business motivation/company trying to get attention.

    It’s been covered here many many times in the past. Touching the monitor is not the most efficient way of interacting with a large screen computer. Touching an ancillary device, which can lay on the desk and doesn’t make the screen unusable after ten minutes, makes more sense.

    Apple doesn’t release products so they can put a check mark on their market segment reports like most pc cloners.

  7. Unlikely, for several reasons.
    First, desktop computers are not good for touchscreen applications, because of ergonomic reasons.
    Second, capacitive touch screen technology (that used in iPhones) doesn’t scale up to 22” displays. Who would want bad touchscreens?

  8. @Predrag

    I fully agree with you. The current form of the iMac does not make this one convenient.
    However, Apple could launch an all-in-one computer for a specific usage (artists, djs, etc).

    @All others,

    Don’t coun’t this rumor out too fast. Apple always thinks beyond the current paradigm.

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