Patent applications show Apple poised to reinvent the tablet

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“In part one of this two part series we’ll look at some of the features that Apple could [use to] market the tablet… in light of the various modes that Apple has revealed to us through their tablet-specific patents,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple. “For instance, Apple has revealed a series of ebook modes that point to various ways that we may end up reading books, magazines and/or newspapers in. In fact a lot of detail has been cataloged concerning this area of development. Which of the modes Apple will debut next week is anyone’s guess, but there’s room for growth here over the coming years – being that we’ll eventually see a duo-display based tablet-set mirror paper based books. “

“Additionally, Apple points to a two handed virtual keyboard, numerous virtual controls, floating menus, a new way to interact with their iTunes Store and even introduces us to an all new GarageBand application that may debut with the tablet or be reserved as part of an iLife suite upgrade in time for Christmas 2010,” Purcher writes.

Purcher writes, “More importantly, perhaps for many, is that Apple’s tablet also gets down to business. On paper at least, it appears that the tablet will run word processing and spreadsheet applications and in some recent patents, Apple has shown us that they’re still thinking of ways of reinventing, or at least reintroducing, the stylus for Apple’s tablet. And though the jury is still out on that contentious point, you can’t fight the fact that Apple’s engineers are still working on this project according to a number of recent patents. Time will tell on that one, but for now, let’s dig right in and cut to the chase.”

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  1. We’ll only see about 10% of this stuff in the first iSlate on January 27th. The rest of the ideas will be slowly dragged out over the course of a decade as Apple upgrades the tablet annually and manufactures sweeteners for us to buy the new model.

  2. Hey MDN, what’s with the video advertisements that automatically play with sound?? Very annoying. Especially when you have several tabs open and the video ads on each tab start playing.

    MDN Magic Word — “either”, as in “Either stop the auto-sound on your pages, or I switch to MacSurfer as my main Mac news source.”

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