Verizon Wireless cuts basic voice plan by $29 per month; $69.99 for unlimited calling

“Competition in the mobile landscape became more intense Friday, when Verizon Wireless announced it has cut its basic voice plan by $29 per month, to $69.99 for unlimited calling,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Verizon also has an unlimited voice and text plan for customers available at $89.99 per month. But while Verizon is reducing its voice plans, those on its low-end data plans will see an increase,” Marsal reports.

“While its basic wireless service fee would see a $29 reduction, the company was also doing away with its $19.99 75MB data package for 3G multimedia phones. In its place is the 25MB, $9.99-per-month plan for all 3G phones, giving access to e-mail, games and the Internet,” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “Verizon’s pricing changes… could force AT&T to do the same to remain competitive.”

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  1. @ Mac-nugget–

    Let’s all hope so! Even for those who are not with ATT, this will be a benefit, because the others will all have to follow suit in order to remain competitive. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I would burn through 25MB on my iPhone in less than an hour. Even 75MB is laughable. I wonder what the average monthly data usage is for an iPhone user.

    I think this settles the idea that Apple and Verizon will be partnering anytime soon.

  3. I bought an all you can eat data plan from Alltel (3G) back before the merger with Verizon without a contract and Verizon has to honor it under the DoJ’s approval plan for the Verizon-Alltel merger. This despite Verizon not offering this plan for any price. With the affinity discount I get from my employer I have nationwide 3G data without a cap for a little over $52/ month.

    Too bad the door is closed on this one.

  4. @ed:
    I am what I consider to be a reasonably heavy data user on my iPhone. Using AT&Ts;app, I see that I have used 150.39MB while I am 14 days into a 31 day cycle. Extrapolating linearly, I would use 333MB in a month.

  5. yeahhhhh……25MB? 75MB? who are they even kidding? I average 2-3GB (yes gigs) a month.
    25MB is like 3-4 songs from itunes now. Or a few app updates. geez…
    forget streaming radio,….

    ATT better not follow

  6. I like the voice changes, but the data is ludicrous – I’ve used 3.5 gigs in the last half month. These bastards are just scared of becoming the dumb pipes; they don’t know yet that they can’t stop it.

  7. @Some Are More Lucky

    Same reason I haven’t jumped to the iphone yet. I have the Sprint Sero plan which is 500 anytime minutes, unlimited text and data and it’s $30 a month…

    As much as I hate my WinMo phone, it lets me fill my data needs, especially like tethering which I use almost everyday (and *cough* *cough*, the iphone still doesn’t have).

    I wait for the day I could get an unlocked CDMA iPhone.

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