Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 imminent? (UPDATED)

“iPhone OS 4.0 is imminent. At least, that’s the only conclusion I can draw from an e-mail I just received from a prominent app developer,” Rick Broida reports for CNET.

Broida reports, “The message includes the following snippet: ‘Just wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve submitted an updated app for the new iPhone OS 4.0 software.'”

“For those seeking further evidence, Boy Genius Report ‘discovered’ OS 4.0 last month in some server logs,” Broida reports. “But could this point to something more? A new iPhone model, perhaps?”

Full article here.

[Update: 3:20pm ET: iLounge’s Charles Starrett has “learned that the reference was a mistake: the app is now “version 4.0” released for iPhone OS 3.1, the developer has offered ‘sincere apologies.'”]


  1. No new iPhone model until this summer. But the tablet needs an OS, and I’d guess that there will be significant cross-pollination between the iPhone and tablet OSes, both in interface and applications. And it would surprise me not at all that they turn out to be identical. The tablet will probably not be much more of a computer than the iPhone already is, given the limitations of its processor and battery.

  2. Can’t wait. We’ll finally be able to listen to Pandora, Slacker etc. while browsing Safari, checking e-mail, reading ebooks. These things will start to feel more like mini computers.

  3. *IF* multi-tasking is indeed involved, I sure hope they include some very strict user controls on it. The last thing I want is for my iPhone to turn into a morass of security vulnerabilities like Android.

  4. Android vulnerabilities stem from the fact that it’s open. One can install third party software on it without the Android market place.

    The iPhone will remain a very closed device with Steve Jobs’ approval looming over every piece of available software so you can continue to feel nice and safe from the mean old world.

  5. Not before an event. Apple needs to talk benefits.

    BTW, that ugly ass photo of Gore on this website’s page really should go. That suit will go down in history as the biggest ‘Boy who Cried Wolf’ asshat ever.

  6. LOL! So the application that was being updated was moving to version 4.0 – nothing at all to do with iPhone OS 4.0!

    And all the internet news sources pulled a Sajid Farooq on the story – lovely.

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