BusinessWeek: Apple aims to create completely new kinds of mobile ads as they take on Google

New iPod touch 8GB, 32GB & 64GBApple and Google “have entered a new, more adversarial phase,” Peter Burrows reports for BusinessWeek.

“With Nexus One, Google, which had been content to power multiple phonemakers’ devices with Android, enters the hardware game, becoming a direct threat to the iPhone,” Burrows reports. “With its Quattro purchase, Apple aims to create completely new kinds of mobile ads, say three sources familiar with Apple’s thinking.”

Burrows reports, “The goal isn’t so much to compete with Google in search as to make search on mobile phones obsolete. ‘Apple and Google both want more,’ says Chris Cunningham, founder of the New York mobile advertising firm Appssavvy. ‘They’re gearing up for the ultimate fight.'”

Burrows reports, “The key battleground in the near term is mobile computing. Analysts who once tingled when talking about the Internet are getting that same old feeling over mobile’s potential. Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker predicts that within five years more users will tap into the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs. Desktop Internet use led to the rise of Google, eBay, and Yahoo, but the mobile winners are still emerging.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s already over- Apple won.
    Installed based of OSX users will grow and be leveraged. Mac + iPod touch + iPhone + iPad, all with familiar interface, developer community, apps and not being fragmented HAS ALREADY WON.

    Advertising headed to a race to the bottom. Android already a certain failure.

  2. To MXNT41’s question. By reading your mind and presenting things related to those thoughts for you to choose from is the only way I can immediately think of though even then search is there, just mostly cut off from the end user. However while that ultimate conclusion is still science fiction I can see that aspects short of that extreme would certainly effect the need for much user initiated search I guess. Its just that Google presently dominates that sort of intelligent software too as things stand though you can guarantee that Apple will buy into that idea of presenting information depending on what people are viewing on their devices or where and how they are using them. For example if you leave a station somewhere and automatically your mobile device will present options for eating, further travel, entertainment and places to stay search as we know it today will become less and less important.

  3. Interesting:

    Some analysts believe the Apple-Google battle is likely to get much rougher in the months ahead. Ovum’s Yarmis thinks Apple may soon decide to dump Google as the default search engine on its devices, primarily to cut Google off from mobile data that could be used to improve its advertising and Android technology. Jobs might cut a deal with—gasp!—Microsoft to make Bing Apple’s engine of choice, or even launch its own search engine, Yarmis says. “I fully expect [Apple] to do something in search,” he adds. “If there’s all these advertising dollars to be won, why would it want Google on its iPhones?””

  4. It’s mobile advertising guys.

    You’re walking or driving along and the advertiser is coming up ahead of you. Your mobile device beeps you a notice about a sale or the soup of the day or the price of a rub and tug, and so on and so on.

    The investors are seeing the next big thing, the dot com madness all over again.

  5. @MikeK
    And then again, Apple has had a decade to work on its own search algorithms. If Apple was far-sighted enough to develop OSX for Intel in parallel with its main PowerPC platform, for years, in order to be ready for a timely switch of CPU, who knows what else they may have had under development?
    I believe that any OS player without in-house search capabilities for the masses is vulnerable. In the future, as platforms converge, the single most important app will be search. It is too important to let someone else run with that as it will be the one activity that ALL computer users will use, for almost everything.
    I think Apple has Search in hand. It has to.

  6. @M.X.N.T.4.1.
    My understanding is that by turning on a feature on your phone, you can in essence tap in to a wealth of information that will be pushed to your phone. If you are walking in a mall or if you are driving through a business district ads can be pushed to your phone for restaurants near by that are having a promotion, or stores that are pushing a sale. You name it. I am sure that all this will be driven intelligently as to tap on individual interests. So, you don’t have to find the info, it finds you.

  7. “How purely American that the “ultimate fight” is over advertising.”
    Whoever rulez the ads rulez the world ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    MW: progress. Yes, we call this progress in America.

  8. Could the new server farm in the Carolina’s be the hub of a new Apple Search business, integrated as only Apple can do into each of it’s products? That would REALLY give the press something to talk about in Google vs. Apple.

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