Apple to debut new roaming ‘Experts’ in retail stores soon

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “Apple’s retail ‘experts’ — a new position that will serve as a roaming counterpart to existing ‘geniuses’ at brick-and-mortar locations — are expected to debut in stores in a matter of weeks, [say] people familiar with the matter,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Interviewing for the expert position is said to start this week at the company’s retail outlets, and Apple plans to debut the new personnel in about two weeks,” Hughes reports.

“Apple has referred to the experts as ‘Family Room expertise out in the Red Zone.’ The ‘Family Room’ at an Apple Store is known to customers as the Genius Bar,” Hughes reports. “The ‘Red Zone’ equates to the sales floor.”

Hughes reports, “Experts will serve as a resource that answers questions for customers without an appointment. They will have a general knowledge of the whole product range.”

More info in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert S.” for the heads up.]


  1. I do this now. Just stand around the Apple store and look for the befuddled.
    I get some of my best customers there because they don’t want to haul their iMacs to the mall.

    I am also a little worried about $10.00 an hour experts. As with Mac hardware, you do get what you pay for. Too many tats, piercings and what is with that hair.

    Just saying….

  2. They started testing this concept at a store near me about 6 months ago. The concept was a good one, but what seemed to happen was these “family room” experts were essential stationed at the Genius Bar to answer iPhone related questions. These family room experts were suppose to be a mix between the Geniuses and the Creatives, being able to help people out with answering quick questions about Apple software as well. I think it is a great concept and I truly hope it turns out the way it was planned

  3. It’s this kind of initiative that sets Apple apart from literally every other tech company or semi-tech company or telephone company or cable company or satellite company or dog food company.

    When Apple says they are going to support their customers they mean it. There’s nothing more important. If all of Apple’s WOW products were just as WOW but didn’t have the customer care to go with them, Apple would be like all the others and no more.

    More than anything else, this is Steve Jobs greatest genius – if he could just be a little less arrogant, he would fully deserve all the allocates he gets.

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