France Telecom: Apple tablet has webcam

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Apple Inc.’s rollout of its tablet computer is imminent and the device will come equipped with a Webcam, an executive the France Telecom/Orange said Monday,” The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports. “Stephane Richard, who works for one of Apple’s European iPhone service providers, told a French reporter about the tablet in a broadcast interview.”

The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports, “The confirmation from an executive whose company offers the iPhone in some 28 countries and territories is the latest in mounting evidence that Apple is about to debut it tablet.”

Full article here.


  1. Why would anyone not expect the iSlate to have a webcam for iChat. And Stephane Richard was probably asked to leak that info.

    Like QuickTime, iTunes, Safari, … I also expect to see the iChat ported to Windows. Video conferencing will be another Apple dominated market! The iPhone should get one too!

  2. After thoughts, I think he was asked by Apple to leak that info…
    Steve Jobs reminds me of the emperor in the Star Wars saga.
    Everything is going according to his plan – Revenge of the Mac.

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