Jim Cramer: There’s no ‘phone war’ between Apple and Google

EA Store: Award-winning Games“There is much ado about the so-called ‘phone war’ between Apple and Google after the latter released its Nexus One; ‘You’d think these two companies were locked in a steel cage claymation death match war of annihilation. Stalingrad. Tarawa. Iwo Jima,’ said Cramer on his ‘Mad Money’ TV program on Thursday January 7,” Seeking Alpha reports.

Cramer “said instead of a phone war, the non-existent battle of the phones is a ‘phony war’ invented by the press,” Seeking Alpha reports.

“There is room for both Apple and Google, especially since SmartPhones comprise only 15% of the handset market,” Seeking Alpha reports. “Cramer predicts huge growth for both companies and thinks Google will reach $750 and Apple will hit $300 [12-month price targets].”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Cramer seems right about this call. The press spends way too much time trying to paint news as a battle between two sides. Rather than engaging in real journalism where the issues are explored and analyzed, lazy reporters instead paint most issues as a battle between two sides then interview a number of know-nothing consultants regarding who will win the “battle.”

    Hey journalists, why don’t you put on your thinking hats and do a little true research once in a while rather than spending all your time interviewing idiots to discover who will win the battle.

  2. Sorry is this the same guy who told everyone to buy stock in a major company the weekend before it went tits up? yeah…

    “Hey journalists, why don’t you put on your thinking hats and do a little true research once in a while rather than spending all your time interviewing idiots to discover who will win the battle.”

    Are you talking to the same journalists that went for the balloon boy story? Ahh what an episode of Myth Busters could have done for these people!

  3. Again, how the hell did this guy get any kind of fame?
    I can only assume that he has a sister that is married to someone influential at NBC. Kramer as an analyst is the price we pay for somebody keeping their marriage together

    just my $0.02

  4. I was once in a BestBuy, looking at iPods. There was a guy next to me with his bound-for-college daughter, who was also looking for an iPod. I heard the guy tell his daughter how much he liked his Sansa iPod. I looked at his daughter, she looked at me. We said nothing, it was her Dad, after all.

    Which is more likely, the Android will be referred to as an iPhone, or people will call iPhones “Androids”? There are only two things: the iPhone and everything else.

  5. Can’t stand Kramer but he is a Mac fan, so he can’t be all bad.

    His show is a scream fest which reminds me of a small town carnival and he is the head carny.

    He hypes what he owns to make money…….Does not care about anything else. He has loved Apple because of the stock price has tripled since he bought it.

  6. Jim Cramer got me to sell out BEFORE the crash last year, and helped me make a lot of money this year by calling the bottom almost to the day back in March. Say whatever you want about him, but my portfolio is 30-40% richer than it would have been without him, so I say – thank you Jim Cramer. Who knows if his future track record will be as good as the past, but I have a lot of respect for him.

  7. Kramer is not perfect. Given how IMperfect he was just prior to the most recent crash, I have to wonder if he’s maybe secretly taking “presents” at times. Or maybe his information really IS no better than ours, just a bit deeper.
    That said.
    There are very few folks out there with significantly better records (over the past decade+) than his. I can certainly point to The Motley Fool’s CAPS list “Top 10%” as a Group that does better, but the individuals … not so much. AND … he can be entertaining. AND … he can come up with analysis – GOOD analysis – on the spot.
    Many of those Top Ten types are about as entertaining as … OK, they just aren’t.

  8. Again, the main reason Google is phoning is to make sure MS is knocked out of the phone market, thus allowing Google to do all the advertising and cookie tracking it desires.

  9. We are still, for the time being, a capitalist country and that means Apple and Google are at war. Each wants to be the ultimate winner in what they do and in order to accomplish that you have to recognize and defend against all other players.

    Apple vs Google is pretty tame right now, but give it time and it might not be.

    Apple vs Nokia, now that’s a full blown battle brewing there.

    Oh, and Crammer is a bafoon.

  10. This supposed war between Apple and Google is one of pure fabrication.


    There is a war between Microsoft Google though and you can see it on the market plainly.

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