Apple’s Steve Jobs pulls the rug out from underneath Google

“Apple issued a press release [yesterday] morning, announcing that App Store downloads have now topped the 3 billion mark,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool.

“It’s certainly an impressive feat, given that Apple launched the applications marketplace only two summers ago,” Munarriz writes. “It took just six months to double up on the 1.5 billion downloads that the company chalked up during the App Store’s rookie year.”

“The timing of the press release is certainly no accident,” Munarriz writes. “This was supposed to be Google’s day. The world’s leading search engine has been prepping for [yesterday’s] Nexus One unveiling — but in steps Apple to hog some of the attention.”

Munarriz writes, “Apple has a funny — or tactically brilliant — way of crashing the party… There is no way that the timing of Apple’s press release is a coincidence. Jobs has plenty of practice in pulling the rug from under his competitors — and he just did it again.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t mess with the master; especially by trotting out a bunch of unprepared fumbling stiffs to unveil your non-multi-touch entry in a long line of me-too iPhone clones:

Direct link to video here.

Google, your honeymoon is over. If you want so badly to be the next Microsoft, expect to be treated like them.

Perhaps Google has a bit too much market share for their own good?

By default, iPhone’s Safari Web browser searches using Google. You can have Safari search using Yahoo, instead. From your iPhone’s Home screen choose Settings > Safari > Search Engine, then switch from Google to Yahoo. In addition, there are many Web Search apps available for iPhone and iPod touch. See them all via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Mac Safari users can easily install a plug-in such as the free Glims, to add multiple search engine choices to Safari.


  1. Eric Schmidt is a snake. Everyone wants to come two years late to the party and ride the success that Apple has EARNED.

    The same thing happened with the iPod and iTunes. Apple revolutionized the music industry by delivering a distribution model that worked. Apple called for the end of DRM while everyone tried to make it seem like Apple was responsible for it in the first place.

    Seems like all the anti-Apple crowd has fallen head-over-heels for Google lately. What’s so great about Chrome, Google Docs, GMail and Android anyway? I’ve tried but they all seem second-rate to the integration that Apple offers with MobileMe.

  2. Ooohhh, it was supposed to be Googles day… what?

    Google slaps his logo on existing phone with pathetic specs, NO innovation…

    You have to much better than that.

    Beside if you get invited by his Steveness to the party and then crap all over the place… not good

  3. Chrome vs Safari
    Both use Webkit and Safari is slightly faster. Safari syncs bookmarks between my Macs and looks like a proper Mac app.

    Gmail vs MobileMe
    Sure Gmail is free and I have an account. But I rarely use it since MobileMe works great at keeping my mailboxes synced between my home Mac, work Mac and iPhone. BTW, it only costs $70 if you buy the boxed version from Amazon and enter the code for renewals (or about $6/mo).

    Google Docs vs iWork vs MS Office
    I use iWork at home. We use Office at work. But since I do almost all my work in Adobe Creative Suite, I rarely use a spreadsheet or Word document anyway. IMO, Apple needs to really beef up it’s Mail app to be an enterprise alternative to Entourage/Outlook.

  4. Lol, a press release about App Store downloads to steal Google’s shine? I don’t think so.

    Steve just has his own schedule and doesn’t care about what else is going on that day.

    If his aim was in fact to steal their shine, he wasn’t very successful. That piece of shit Nexus One was talked about everywhere I turned.

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