RUMOR: Tablet UI has ‘steep learning curve,’ says Apple employee

“If our tipster is right, whatever [Apple’s] Tablet’s user interface (UI) is, it’s going to be different enough from OS X or the iPhone OS to require a significant learning curve,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “According to reader Tom: ‘I just heard [to] be ready for a steep learning curve regarding the ‘new’ Apple product about to be released [and its] interface. This person is an employee of Apple and had just had a meeting regarding some of the new things coming. He/She would not go into details, but did say that he/she hoped we liked learning.'”

“As a rumor, it’s vague, but it does engorge thought. Time and again, interfaces that require steep learning curves fail when compared to subtle evolutions of intuitively entrenched desktop metaphors,” Brownlee writes. “Since Apple still does multitouch better than anyone else out there, presumably the Tablet won’t have too outlandish an interface, but talk of a steep learning curve is still eyebrow arching.”

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  1. Bulls^&t;…….. My friend’s cousin’s dog’s trainer knows someone that said that the iSlate would be virtual and you can just swipe your fingers through the air to control it. Seriously….. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Anyone high enough at Apple to attend a meeting to discuss new, unreleased products certainly knows enough not to go spouting off about any steep learning curve. I also can’t imagine Jobs signing off on a UI which was difficult for the user to learn.

  3. Remember that gesture “library” apple was working on a while back. We’re gonna see this implemented in the tablet. Get ready to learn the difference between a four finger swipe, a two finger swirl and a three finger tap. That’s what’s coming.

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