Analyst: Apple iPhone coming to Verizon

“A Verizon iPhone is coming but may not have the world roaming some users would want, Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar claims today,” Electronista reports.

“After contacting Apple’s suppliers, the researcher believes Qualcomm has landed a deal to produce a CDMA iPhone but that it won’t be a dual-mode phone with both CDMA and GSM and consequently can’t leave North America with cellular service intact,” Electronista reports.

“Kumar asserts that Apple had originally asked for a dual chip but allegedly wasn’t happy with the results, instead opting for a more conventional design. It’s not said what triggered the purported disappointment, though dual-network phones have often had significant if sometimes artificial limitations in their frequency support,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we said earlier: “iPhone OS devices will be on carriers other than AT&T in the U.S. this year.”


  1. There’s a big potential market on Verizon, me included. Steve Jobs is a practical guy who ultimately wants to make the most money and expose his devices to the biggest markets.

  2. @ Islandgirl.

    No Steve Jobs is not trying to make the most money. It is common knowledge that he is a perfectionist and wants Apple to make the most perfect products possible.

  3. No way. Never. And since I have no hard info upon which to base such a bold statement, that pretty much puts me in the same company as any of these other bozo fortune-tellers.

  4. As others have noted… Too many commercials showing web surfing while talking on the phone for them to ever release a phone without this capability!! I’m guessing an iSlate on Verizon… But not an iPhone.

  5. Does this not sound just like all the predictions of the late 90s that Apple was doomed to failure and would be going out of business any … day … now? Predicting the iPhone will show up on Verizon’s holy network is in vogue, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

    Also … we all know how Apple works. Do they really think Apple would make deals with suppliers that would allow random people to call up and ask “say, how many GSM/CDMA capable chips did you sell them for the mythic Verizon iPhone?” Cuz if you believe that, I’ve got a deal on a bridge in NYC that you can’t beat!

  6. I’m sure ATnT will be more than happy to allow Apple to break their exclusive 5-year contract so that Verison can have the iPhone on their network in the US.


    The contract ends in 2012. Verizon ain’t gettin’ the iPhone any sooner. iCal that, MDN.

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