It’s official: Apple has acquired Quattro Wireless mobile advertising firm

The following message has been posted on Quattro Wireless’ blog:

Happy New Year from Quattro Wireless!

We are thrilled to let you know that Apple has acquired Quattro. We want to share with you our excitement about this news and what it means for our customers.

We have built our business by enabling advertisers to reach the right consumers across the mobile web and in applications. We remain focused on delivering more engaging, relevant and useful ads to mobile devices, and improving the measurement and execution of digital campaigns. Together with Apple, we look forward to developing exciting new opportunities in the future that will benefit our customers.

For now, the offerings and services you receive from Quattro Wireless will not change. We will continue to operate the Quattro Wireless network across all devices and platforms. Your client and support teams will remain the same, and you can continue to expect the world-class service we are proud to deliver to our customers.

We look forward to working with you during this exciting time.

Andy Miller
Vice President, Mobile Advertising

Source: Quattro Wireless

MacDailyNews Note: Yes, we have now begun the process of switching from AdMob to Quattro for our mobile site and MacDailyNews App.


  1. Google buys Admob for $750 Million based on it’s significant volume of ad traffic predominantly being seen on iPhones.

    Apple buys Quattro for $275 Million (?) but also owns the iPhone.


  2. I’m going to test some of my apps with this service to compare AdMob vs Quattro. Recently, AdMob’s ads have lost tremendous value for me due to the poor quality of the advertisements. No one wants to click services that they do not want so my CTR and my eCPM rates have plummented even though my ad impression volume has surged.

    It doesn’t matter if you have the most ad traffic when your ad quality stinks. You have to be able to attract quality advertisers as well.

  3. 2 cents on this as it relates to the slate.

    I am pretty sure that Apple is rolling out a content portal. Something along the lines of a television.

    Now the economic infrastructure for television started out as 100% ad based with all content being free and commercials paying the freight (radio-y). Pay cable promised movies and more with no commercials and for a time that seemed to work pretty well. Then Pay Cable added commercial television to the mix and got away with it. People began to pay extra for better reception and more channels etc. This seemed to work for a while then TiVO entered the fray and we began to timeshift and skip ads to the extent that pay cable now includes DVRs Broadband internet, unlimited long distance telephone service etc. TV’s however never really fluctuated in price (as relating to the content) they were never subsidized. For some reason this never proved necessary.
    Dial up internet introduced pay per bit bandwidth charges (AOL), but this was supplanted by an all you can eat broadband service and nobody wants to go back.
    The cellphone market introduced hardware subsidized by subscription and carrier lock-in. And the network has evolved to a pay per bit data service (AOLy). And people have adjusted to this.
    iPhone smacks back with unlimited data (broadband-y) and becomes functionally a cable company delivering services across the data network of the ATT network (which is breaking its back)
    Sooo now we have this 3g/4g network and Cable/DSL/Fiber WiFi hotspot data providers funnelling content and services to the masses and we all pay a bit here and there and view some ads and get what we want when we want where we want.
    Except…sometimes we don’t when we can’t or the experience is not so great or…
    Something is not perfect yet.
    So this slate is going to function as (primarily) a media/entertainment portal. LIke a television with a built in monetization ad system built in. I think this thing is going to be as cheap as you want it to be. With subscription plans and advertising subsidizing some of the hardware costs (cellphony) but still scaling up the line for premium presentation (televisiony) with all kinds of content streaming and downloading to and from the cloud/server/storage system and beaming to your slate or tube or ipod or phone (slingboxy), etc. etc. etc.

    One more thing—I think there will be a stylus function for note taking and drawing (wacomy)
    So it has a full gamut of I/O potential. At least I hope it does.

    And they need need needed a cloud based subscription media streaming service (LaLa-y) and an Advertising revenue system (Quattro-y) to make this work. iTunes is going to become like Time Warner Cable and the slate/pod/phone portals are going to be like a subsidized television (cellphon-y) so it’s not crazy expensive. Newspapers and other print based ad based formats (comics, magazines) are going to sign contracts and pay the freight. These things could be in schools as textbooks and trains as novels and planes as movie players and offices as notebooks and churches as prayerbooks…and and and.

    This is a going to be more like a service than a piece of hardware.

  4. Why hasn’t Apple’s share price spiked? This is enormous news given their reach of computers, mobile devices, web browser, servers, services, apps, etc.

    If the preferred future mobile gadget is an ‘Apple’ with services subsidised through advertising (or paid for no ads) then this could add millions to Apple’s bottom line that would otherwise go to Google.

    Advertising is only a problem when they are trying to sell you something you aren’t interested in, otherwise it is good. Maybe this is related to the subsidised TV subscription model or a free web-based iWork?

  5. Yeah, I don’t think we need innovation in how to give us ads unless it’s how to give us less ads.
    And, much as I like this site, MDN, your ad intrusiveness is about the worst. Pop ups, pop unders. Jeez, aren’t the like two dozen ads on the page itself enough?
    I once got told there’s some sort of page preference you can access to turn off the pop ups but it is of course only available if you write and ask them about it, there’s not a link directly on the page.

  6. Why don’t all you add haters get a grip? I look at MDN everyday and do not see a single banner, sidebar add or pop up, down, under, behind, whatever?

    Why? Because I use Firefox with adblock plus and it is wonderful. Yeah Safari is a tad faster to render *Some* sites, but then again I am not bandwidth challenged and therefore FireFox works great for me.

    Get a clue, BLOCK the crap you do not want to see, it’s really NOT hard..

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