Microsoft’s Windows 7ista fails to staunch bleeding as Windows market share slide resumes

Apple Online Store“Microsoft’s Windows resumed its usual losing form last month as the operating system’s usage share dropped by about a third of a point even as the new Windows 7 posted a second straight month of impressive gains, Web metrics firm Net Applications said Friday,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

MacDailyNews Take: What’s impressive about releasing a piece of unfinished derivative crap, then releasing a service pack masquerading as a new OS version and seeing people flee from the stale to the fresher crap?

Keizer reports, “Although rival desktop operating systems — Mac and Linux — essentially remained flat, mobile OSes, including Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone OS, took up the slack created by Windows’ dip. Mobile operating systems, said Net Applications, now power 1.3% of all the hardware that surfs the Internet.”

“As it did in 2008, Windows’ decline again accelerated in the second half of the year, when it lost 1.2 points of share. That compared to a drop of just 0.5 of a percentage point in the first six months of 2009. In 2008, Windows also lost more than twice as much share between July and December as it did in the preceding six months,” Keizer reports. “But the slip doesn’t mean Windows is in any danger of losing its grip on the operating system market anytime soon: At the pace of the last 12 months, Windows would retain a majority share for another 25 years.”

MacDailyNews Take: Too bad for Microsoft that once the tipping point is reached, the fall accelerates significantly.

Keizer continues, “Microsoft’s newest OS, on the other hand, boosted its share by 1.7 percentage points to end December with 5.7%, meaning that approximately 1 out of every 18 machines on the Web ran Windows 7 last month… Apple’s Mac OS X dipped for the second month in a row, finishing December with 5.1% after a decline of a statistically insignificant 0.01 of a percentage point. Most months, however, Mac OS X posts gains, not losses…”

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  1. Does this really matter to the Mac community- they lost a third of a point. So now they only have 92.66667% of the market or whatever it is… who cares.

    Steve Jobs said a long time ago- “For Apple to win- Microsoft doesn’t have to loose.”

    Report real Mac news- this is a waste.

  2. Apple and Google are about to release the ‘next big thing’, so the next decade might not follow the slow trickle of the last one.

    The MS ‘next big thing’, as we have seen in W7, is a tune-up rather than a new engine. Apple owns mobile, Google owns free, MS owns legacy.

  3. MDN are correct on this one, Windows can’t afford to lose a significant share, not only because a tipping point might well accelerate that, but also because the whole company is grounded, some might say precariously, on the fact that Windows and its joined at the hip sibling Office, pay the bills. If the former lost even 5 to 10% market share the company would likely be in serious financial stress and arguably even before that particular marker was hit. It seems with no worthwhile mobile version that smart devises alone could impose that sort of damage. The sense of Microsoft dominance as public perception these days isn’t unlike that of everyone in the Bankers a couple years ago.

  4. Most switchers that I’ve seen have installed Windows on their Macs, some of them have the Win7. It’s quite tricky to tell what the marketshares are, when people have computers that can run any OS.

  5. What a retarded writer
    1) …after a decline of a statistically insignificant 0.01 of a percentage point….
    – If it is indeed statistically insignificant then how can it be a decline?????
    2) …At the pace of the last 12 months, Windows would retain a majority share for another 25 years….
    -Geez Louise, where does it say that rates of decline are linear???

    Crap is as crap does….

  6. It was a decline, since it was less than zero.
    The author was forestalling the Windows zombies who would talk about Apple declining, without ever mentioning the amount (which was statistically insignificant).

  7. @HMCIV

    Those commercials are designed to allow Ballmer to keep his job. When the stockholders come around to ask Ballmer why Windows 7 failed…he can say “It wasn’t my idea…haven’t you been watching the commercials?”

    just my $0.02

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