WSJ: Apple investors shouldn’t expect any near-term bottom-line benefit from tablet

Apple Online Store“Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it,” Martin Peers writes for The Wall Street Journal.

“Assuming the talk is correct, it is hard to see the device proving immediately attractive to the mass market given a price expected somewhere between $500 and $900,” Peers writes.

“Of course, it is dangerous betting against Steve Jobs. Apple could cut the device’s price,” Peers hedges.

“While it is good news that Apple is still innovating, investors shouldn’t expect any near-term bottom-line benefit from the tablet,” Peers opines. “The iPhone will remain the growth engine for the company for a while yet. Buying shares on enthusiasm about the tablet is putting the apple cart before the horse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again: Blind prognostication is the practice of idiots.


  1. Ridiculous. Apple stock prices have NEVER moved with “bottom line benefits.” It’s an entirely emotional and/or manipulated stock. It’s like a horse, not a train – its mood matters more than how much fuel you think there is in it.

  2. “Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it,”

    Actually people weren’t that excited about those tablets. In fact they got bored waiting for Moses and started a wild party involving orgies and worshiping a golden cow. (Two separate activities.) The real question is were these guys worshiping the cow because they were vegans or meat eaters?

    Of course Moses was so pissed off by this he up and smashed his tablet models… twice. So no, the original Tablets (oTablets?) were not the source of excitement Martin Peers perceives.

  3. Yes! I would not base my Apple stock activity based on 2009 end of year iTablet sales ( the only real near-term financial milestone this week). This anal-ist is brilliant!

    Just my $0.02

  4. no near term bottom line benefit? please. a successful tablet launch will basically consolidate Apple’s iTunes / iDevice ecosystem and set it as the gold standard.
    this will become evident immediately, as developers rush to submit apps for this device
    i am sure that app developers will be more easily able to write their apps and have them scale to any iDevice screen format than their Android counterparts, another key facet in Apple’s vision

  5. Peer’s not really going out on limb is he? And making comparisons between an Apple tablet and the Ten Commandments is tasteless and unoriginal, which probably pleases Murdoch to no end. Chuckle, chuckle, hardee-har-har.

    Discussing investor strategies about an abstract product is premature even for the WSJ.

    Besides, cautionary advice over price cuts for a yet-to-be-announced product is a lazy, cheap shot at Apple.

    Rather than taking a leap of faith and extolling the virtues of a product that could take off like a rocket behind a well-founded and proven platform like the App Store, the Developers, and Mobile Me, this maroon is telling Wall Street to sit on its hands, which is the Street’s adaptation of genuflection.

  6. @AAPLOwner:

    “Analysts” don’t aim predictions at small investors, they aim them at institutions.

    Additionally, “analysts” are only, ONLY, O-N-L-Y interested in the short term. Any regular-type small investor that goes by what “analysts” say will absolutely have their ass handed to them more often than not.

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