BusinessWeek: Apple’s ‘Jesus Tablet’ could change the world

Year-End Clearance & Tax Saving Sale “Business writers love hyperbole. The ground will swell. The paradigm will shift. But what if occasionally a new tech gadget comes along that really does shake up society? Apple’s (AAPL) planned tablet may just be such a device,” Ben Kunz reports for BusinessWeek.

“Laura DiDio, an analyst at Information Technology Intelligence, has predicted the Apple tablet will be ‘the next big thing,’ complete with 10- to 12-inch high-res screen, Web connection, and a video cam,” Kunz reports. “Other manufacturers such as Dell are preparing tablets, too, but Apple is the one to watch—because Apple is best at making radical new hardware formats undeniably cool.”

MacDailyNews Take: Dell. Puleeze. What a joke.

Kunz reports, “So yes, the Jesus Tablet will appear. And yes, you’ll buy one with an artificially high price of, say, $800 as penance for being an early adopter. Within two years the price will fall to $199 until everyone including your 6-year-old has a gleaming, do-anything, interactive pane of glass on his or her desk.”

Apple’s iPad will change the world in at least five ways:

• Magazine and newspaper publishing will bounce back
• Television and radio ratings will continue to fall: Unlike print, TV and radio won’t fit easily into the Apple tablet’s format. Sure, U.S. consumers still watch 5 hours and 9 minutes of live television a day, but the problem is ratings don’t hold when commercials actually air. Certainly, Apple will try to push TV shows and movies through the tablet via iTunes, but we’re betting they don’t sit well in your hand. Rather than being a device to watch television, the Apple tablet is more likely to be an interactive distraction when real TV ads come on your basement set.

MacDailyNews Take: We disagree with Kunz’s prediction. There are too many possibilities, from iTunes subscriptions to how devices and software will interact with bigger screens and your stereo system, to pronounce continued doom for TV and radio. TV shows don’t necessarily need traditional commercial breaks to thrive. See HBO.

• Augmented-reality views of the world will increase
• Two-way video on tablets will push communication costs even lower
• Telecommuting may finally take off

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. “• Augmented-reality views of the world will increase
    • Two-way video on tablets will push communication costs even lower
    • Telecommuting may finally take off”

    Sheesh, why don’t you add Global Warming will be reduced, time can stop and yes, pigs fly and a snowball has a chance in hell!

    Then you’ll be talking about hyperbole!

  2. First, let us see the tablet. Yes, actually see the thing. If good and priced right, go for it. But, no one knows for sure and this blind predictions only make the expectations for it beyond the realm of reality.

    Build and they will come? Maybe Apple is using ALIEN technology or MAYBE Steve is an ALIEN! No one has used this yet in any article. So there are still angles to he had!!!

  3. Yes, but still here where we live, a 500mb download takes a few hours here, streaming is impossibly on our connection. How are we going to get this service to work for us who have an impossibly slow internet connection, and I am talking DSL connection?

  4. I disagree about TV shows on a tablet. When I go to the doctor, I take my plug-in headset and watch a TV show in the waiting room. It’s a lot more pleasant that reading last April’s issue of Better Homes Than Yours, and it makes the time fly. (It also makes them call my name three times!)

    Apple TV is quickly becoming the only way I watch TV and movies. Much better picture, and unlike a DVR, I can watch all the episodes from 2003 if I like.

  5. <yAWn> Wake me when Jim calls in his review of his brand-spankin’-new Apple tablet. I’ll want an excuse to wander down to the Apple Store to see for myself. And to pick up a Family Pack of Tibetan Tiger, iWork ‘1X and iLife ‘1X. It’s good to have … um, 5, yeah, that’s the number … several current Macs in my extended Family.
    silverhawk … yeah, should it ever arrive, it could easily hold – among other things – your day’s (week’s?) viewing of TV shows, Movies and ‘Pod’casts. Still, <u>my shows</u> (and my wife’s site) will continue to cater to the lowest common denominator in their classes – dial-up – because Starving Artists and Students often have nothing better to use.

  6. @MacInfo

    I agree about the religious reference. It makes no sense to me.

    Any, in answer to your suggestion, a Buddha tablet wouldn’t be very interesting, since it would work best when it is completely blank.

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