Apple seeks ‘iGuide’ trademark

Year-End Clearance & Tax Saving Sale “In order to confirm or deny the belief that Apple may have registered alternative options [to ‘iSlate’] for their upcoming tablet, we did some extensive research looking for evidence for more of these hidden trademark and domain registrations,” Arnold Kim reports for Mac Rumors. “In the end, we were able to find one other trademark registration that was made on behalf of Apple through a company called iGuide Media, LLC.”

“iGuide Media, LLC. is another Delaware-based company whose sole purpose appears to be to obtain a trademark on behalf of Apple Inc.,” Kim reports. “In this case they have a single trademark application for the term ‘iGuide’ that is currently pending. The application was first filed in December 2007. Again, we found Apple’s Senior Trademark Specialist Regina Porter’s signatures on the trademark documents linking iGuide Media, LLC to Apple Inc. Meanwhile, the lawyer handling the paperwork for the iGuide trademark is the same lawyer who filed for the iPhone trademark under Ocean Telecom Services, also on behalf of Apple. Like iSlate, it seems clear that Apple created iGuide Media, LLC to obtain the iGuide trademark.”

Kim writes, “iGuide seems like it could be another possible name for Apple’s upcoming tablet computer or a related software or service.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. This is the name if the new white polycarbonate cane that Apple is developing for the blind. It will have built in GPS, enabling unlimited navigation to those in need.

    Unfortunately, it will incorporate the same white earbuds as the iPod, using a new proprietary connector.

  2. It sounds like these are just application names that collectively emphasise different uses of the machine! iSlate for doing artistic stuff on the device, iGuide being some sort of GPS. Who knows? I don’t think iSlate is appropriate for a multifunction device in any case — also would be too hard to pronounce in most other languages.

  3. Maybe the purpose of this article is to create a little downward momentum in the stock price. Sell some shorts this morning. After the price drops a couple percent buy some longs and make money twice while doing the market a disservice by increasing volatility and taking some money from some less “astute” trader.

  4. Again I’ll prognosticate that the next major revision of the iPhone OS will NOT have Google powering the built-in “Maps”application.

    Apple is clearly pulling all the technologies together to provide a more functional solution.

  5. Yeah, I think the press are trying to attach anything they can to the tablet. iGuide makes little to no sense as a name for a tablet.

    Conversely, it makes perfect sense for some sort of navigation system.

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