Magic Mouse: Apple doubles share of mouse market in 8 weeks

“Apple’s new Magic Mouse helped Apple see a twofold increase in its share of domestic mice sales last month, AppleInsider has learned, garnering the Mac maker a double-digit slice of the market for the first time ever,” Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider.

“NPD Group sales data for the new device, which was unveiled alongside new iMacs this past October, shows Apple to have captured just over 10 percent of the market in November, representing a first for the Cupertino-based company,” Hughes and Jade report. “‘Sales in November were through the roof,’ Stephen Baker, analyst with the market research firm, told AppleInsider. ‘[The Magic Mouse] had the best month for a mouse product from Apple that we’ve ever seen.'”

Hughes and Jade report, “The aforementioned sales data was compiled from standalone Magic Mouse sales only — those included with the new 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs were not factored into the mix. Similarly, however, the new iMac was the best-selling desktop in the U.S in October.”

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  1. Frankly I’m not surprised. I love my Magic Mouse, and find it frustrating whenever I have to use a different mouse as I’m forever trying to swipe to do things. I can’t imagine being able to go without it now.

    Only thing is, I wish more applications used the finger gestures. iTunes is crying out for it, for skipping songs etc. And you should be able to change Spaces by swiping too.

  2. I loved the side buttons to call Expose.

    The Magic Mouse doesn’t have side buttons (which was a big downer to me)

    Is there anybody missing the side/squeeze buttons?

    How did you handle that?

    I’m trying to convince myself of buying one.

  3. I am looking all over Europe to buy one for almost a month now. Apple Store Zurich has none, my French friends told it is the same in French stores. I’ve heard few customers bought iMacs just to get Magic Mouse here in Belgrade.

  4. @ Grifterus

    I do miss the side buttons for Expose, but the other advantages far outweigh that.

    I’ve added hot corners for both Expose and Dashboard. Once you get used to it, it’s just as fast and convenient as the buttons. The only problem is that I’ll occasionally bring up expose when I didn’t mean to. Of course, that happened from time to time when I used the side buttons, too.

    Get the MM. It’s worth every penny. And the questions I get from people who come into my office are fun to answer. People can’t believe it.

  5. I hated mine, got it as gift. I thought it would have more functionality like the iPhone screen or the Macbook touchpad. Found MouseWizard for less than $3.00, that helped a bit, sill a lot of money for removing the side button, the knob and changing the shape to a less natural feel. It’s still not the puck!

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