RUMOR: Apple poised to start new year with launch of tablet computer

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “Apple is expected to start the new year with the launch of its latest gadget: a tablet computer that will allow users to surf the web, watch TV shows and read the next generation in online magazines and newspapers,” Richard Wray and Charles Arthur report for The Guardian.

“Speculation is rife that the Californian technology group will unveil the device, which has no keyboard and resembles a large iPhone, at an event on 26 January in San Francisco,” Wray and Arthur report. “Some technology bloggers have already christened the touchscreen device the iSlate after it emerged that Apple has registered the internet domain name.”

Wray and Arthur report, “Apple refuses to comment on speculation about new products, but there is talk that it is working on two versions of the iSlate, one with a 10in screen and a smaller version with a 7in screen. Users would be able to download applications produced by third-party developers onto the device just as they can for the iPhone.”

“There are also a number of content deals in the works that would make the iSlate a valuable platform for media groups,” Wray and Arthur report. “Apple is rumoured to be trying to cement a deal with American TV companies including Disney and CBS that would see top shows appear regularly on the device.”

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  1. Micro Me … and don’t forget Mickey D.! Hasn’t he had a vaguely similar product in his catalogue for years now? “We tried it. Got no traction. Apple’s gonna bomb, too.”
    Don’t think this … 7″, 10″, or somewhere in between … is going to skirt the stupid new regs. But, if they are going to ban these devices, they really ought to provide something of value as an alternative. Along with Adult Depends if they decide to drastically limit movement in that final hour of flight. 🙁

  2. “$500 for an iSlate? That’ll be the most expensive slate in the world and won’t appeal to businesses beacause it doesn’t have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine!”

    – Steve Ballmer

  3. Gee do you think apple might release a tablet computer? It’s called the iphone and ipod touch.

    Just because it’s bigger do I care? I dont’ think so.

    Unless it can run OSX apps (which it won’t as that would cut into their mac sales) I won’t go anywhere near it.

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