RUMOR: Next-gen Apple iPhone to feature 5-megapixel camera

Apple Holiday Blowout “The next iPhone will get an upgrade to a 5-megapixel camera, sources said on Wednesday,” Electronista reports.

“OmniVision, Apple’s current supplier for the 3.2-megapixel camera in the iPhone 3GS, has reportedly been given orders for its second sensor upgrade in a year with expectation that an iPhone using the higher resolution will ship in the second half of 2010,” Electronista reports. “Production of the 5-megapixel sensors could start as soon as winter 2010.”

Electronista reports, “Technical details of the sensor weren’t provided in the DigiTimes tip, but a potential candidate is the OV5650. The sensor echoes Apple’s emphasis on image quality over resolution as it should both handle better in low light and generate less noise. It will also be responsive enough to handle video recording at 1080p, but there’s no signs as of yet that Apple will upgrade its video capture features.”

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  1. Quantity over quality? not in apple.
    Mi 1st gen iPhone takes a lot better pictures that some 5mp SONYs cybershoots and LG phones with 8mp cameras.

    I think apple will focus more in the graphics and processing power and finally will see the work from P.A semi (I hope)

  2. Who cares?
    Megapixels are only a number, which means very little when you talk about the quality of a digital camera.

    And as if a phone camera would ever compete against a real camera (even a point-and-shot one).

  3. I have no doubt, if this 5MP sensor makes its way to the iPhone, it will also have (auto)focus lens (with manual focus option), and will most likely capture at most 720p HD video.

    It is fascinating how so many people are obsessed with “full HD” resolution of 1080, with manufacturers gladly playing into this obsession, that when they see 720p (such as in AppleTV), they immediately voice their disappointment.

    Well, I have one of those consumer 1080p AVCHD camcorders (Canon’s HF-100), and have tried some newer, better ones. I compared footage from a 1080p camcorder (directly hooked up to HDMI) with footage of a ripped Blu-ray disc, re-converted and re-encoded into 720p. The 720 footage derived from that pristine 1080p blu-ray original looks much sharper and better than native 1080p camcorder footage (without any prior conversion).

    There is absolutely no chance any mobile phone sensor could produce 1080p footage that will look nearly as good and as sharp as some quality 720p HD material.

    Jobs and his team know the reality. They simply don’t buy into the numbers hype (which is why AppleTV doesn’t do 1080 but 720p instead, and iPhone barely does 3MP). They instead deliver quality with reasonable numbers.

    While vast majority of us are subconsciously obsessed by these numbers (and will ALWAYS pause at lesser numbers), we should really acknowledge AppleTV’s superior image quality over our common cable-box DVR (wthich delivers 1080i), and iPhone’s 3MP (even prior 2MP) images and their superior quality over 5MP (even 8MP) Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson.

  4. Luckily, Apple does NOT have to play the numbers game. For Apple’s products, megapixel numbers are never the differentiator, so they can afford to put out numbers that might (and often do) disappoint people, until they actually see the results.

    When 3GS came out with the video-capturing capability for the first time, an ABC TV reporter went out and did a field report with it. The video was used in live TV news broadcast, and it looked incredibly good. It clearly wasn’t one of those cellphone candid user videos often broadcast when someone captures a robbery, police brutality, or celebrity indiscretion. This video looked like it was a field report, shot and edited professionally.

    There is the difference between Apple and others. They won’t care about what specs they can put on the box. Nothing is done half-@$$ed. If a feature is to be done, it will be done right.

    Which is why video capturing is NOT available on older iPhones, even though they have been proven by hackers to be capable of doing it. The actual quality of that video is way below Apple standards.

    Looking forward to this new sensor. I’m sure the results will be even greater than the 3GS.

  5. i would prefer a faster shutter speed (less blurring) than more mega pixels as this will increase the versatility of the camera and i could do without by compact for those times i don’t want to lug around my DSLR

  6. apple is slacking on iphone camera…how about an LED flash? that would be nice. or maybe the ability to zoom? you know, all the features that EVERYONE of my Verizon phones had? for being the best phone on the market, the camera is certainly lackluster AT BEST

  7. What’s really fascinating is how all the hatred of AT&T;and their crappy service, dropped calls, poor voice quality, lost signals, few bars, lost voice mails or whatever complaints can be so quickly tossed aside by a simple story as “iPhone to have 5 Mega Pixel Camera!”

    Then everybody goes into their, pro or con viewpoints of a 5 MP Camera on the iPhone or need for a flash or a front facing camera. For what? So when you get it, you go back to saying I hate AT&T;and their crappy service for absolutely ruining the iPhone experience?

    Out of all the replies I have read from the various Rumor/News sites that posted the 5 MP Camera for the iPhone rumor, did I come across one saying…

    “Big Deal! Who Cares!! Of all the things I wish the iPhone had regarding internals and specs, I wish Apple would put a miniature AT&T;MicroCell like contracption to increase AT&T;signal strength, since AT&T;is apparently not doing enough, fast enough to improve the network, seeing that AT&T;is the sole carrier for the iPhone for now and then I wouldn’t have to watch on SNL a “news” skit about the iPhone challenge of being a phone!

    So, we’ll get our 5MP iPhone camera and then it’s back to AT&T;sucks, I wish the iPhone was on Verizon!

    HO! HO!, HO!

  8. I would love for my iPhone to replace my point-and-shoot and my flip video camera. It has already replaced the dedicated GPS, Phone, handheld gamer, remote control, vibrator, lover, Alarm clock, night-light, and cash registers.

  9. Bring on 720p!

    Hopefully the vid capture on the new iPhone rivals the Canon Powershot SD780. The SD780 is unbelievably tiny but captures great 720p. I have blended 720p videos from the tiny Canon with the Canon 7D DSLR (Full HD) with impressive results. If an iPhone had this capability – Apple would be positioned to add another victim to their convergence device.

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