Munster: Apple could sell 1.4 million $600 tablets in 2010

Apple Holiday Blowout “Apple’s tablet, which is expected to be unveiled in January, won’t be a huge growth driver for the company next year,” Jay Yarow reports for Silicon Alley Insider. “But as Wall Street begins to factor the devices into their Apple models, increased estimates and louder buzz could drive shares higher.”

“The tablet, if on sale by the end of March, will deliver a 2% increase in sales next year, writes Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray in a note today,” Yarow reports. “Munster estimates Apple will sell 1.4 million units at an average of $600 per device in 2010.”

Yarow reports, “Munster also thinks that Apple might use a January event to show off a revamped Apple TV — including a subscription TV show service — and a new iPod Touch with a video camera.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We fail to see even a shred of credibility in any “Apple tablet” unit sales estimate at this time. It’s premature prognostication. Munster should have held off of unit predictions until the device is unveiled, if it is unveiled, and we can see the specs, features, connected services, and the retail price. In any case, barring a screwup of Microsoftian proportions, Munster’s estimate sounds ridiculously low. Maybe it was a typo and he meant 1.4 million units in the first quarter of availability? Or 14 million for ¾ths of the year? That seems quite feasible; after all, Apple did sell over 1 million iPhone 3GS units in its first three days on the market.


  1. I think will will sell 1.4 million in the first month. The tablet should exceed the installed base of Windows Mobile by years end.

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  2. Wow, Munster is really dreaming huge!!!
    1.4 million could exit the store over a weekend upon initial debut.
    Steve will wait til the very end of Jan or even Feb., just to let the hype build.
    Will they or won’t they always makes Apple newz, and Steve will milk that cow once again, even though the media knows it…they can’t help but hype it. Stock will fluctuate, also.
    Every major site will show a fake one to generate traffic.

  3. Knowing Apple, it’ll more around $799.99.
    Fanboys will buy it… Others will complain.
    After a year out, they’ll launch another one @ $699.99.
    The competition (Dell) will sell theirs for $349.99…
    Cheaper products will always look as great deals.
    But Apple will dominate their new created market anyway…
    We’ll be promised a “whatever Apple has launched” killer by analysts.
    The same story will go on and on until Microsoft goes bankrupt ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I predict there will be 1.4 million people lined up outside the New York Fifth Avenue store the first day these gizmos go on sale.

    And, they will each buy three of them. Top that one. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”mad” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Apple will sell as many as they can manufacture in 2010!

    If it’s not just a bigger iPod touch or iPhone…It needs the full OS 10 and iPhone/iPod touch Apps…Thats the Ticket!!

  6. Yeah, I am on tne same side of thinking, Apple will sell as many as they can manufacture. If they are 7″ and priced from $400-$700 depending on specs there is almost no end to how many they sell. Going to the carriers and sub’ed or not, these are going to sell just as fast as the iPhones, iPod and anything else Apple wants to produce. Just wait until the actual Apple LCD television comes out. Hell LG already has an LCD at 42″ that is only 16 millimeters thick, MILLIMETERS!!!! And only about 9 pounds.
    Apples may have to be a little beefier for storage and networking but surely you can imagine the quarter:
    1. Apple sells 20 million iPhones, 20 million iPod Touch, 10 tablets and 4 million Apple televisions…… Oh and all the Macs, iTunes, and services money too. Fuck, why did I ever sell this stock.
    This just in ” jarrett kills himself, story after the break.”

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