eWeek’s Top 20 iPhone Apps of 2009

“Apple’s App Store claimed explosive growth in 2009, with more than 100,000 applications and 2 billion downloads by November. That expansion has led to something of a recent crackdown on Apple’s part, with the company taking a more aggressive stance about weeding out useless or fraudulent mobile applications,” eWeek reports. “Even so, the sheer number of programs available occasionally makes it difficult to decide which apps will actually fit your wants and needs, particularly within a business context.”

To help you out, the following presentation details eWEEK’s choices of 2009’s best iPhone apps for IT administrators, road warriors, shoppers, and those who just want to use their iPhone to find the cheapest gas or best music, or make free phone calls via Skype. Which is to say, there’s a little something here for everyone.

eWeek’s Top 20 iPhone Apps of 2009:

Skype (free)
• NYTimes (free)
• Amazon Mobile (free)
• Bump (free)
• Facebook (free)
• Google Mobile (free)
• Google Earth (free)
• Kindle for iPhone (free)
• Network Admin (US$5.99)
• WinAdmin ($11.99)
• Pandora Radio (free)
• Bloomberg (free)
• iXpenseIt ($4.99)
• Oracle Business Indicators (free)
• FTP On The Go ($9.99)
• FlightTrack ($4.99)
• Go Green (free)
• Cheap Gas (free)
• Salesforce.com Mobile (free)
• Remote Desktop Lite (free)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: North Americans should check out Magellan RoadMate 2010 North America ($59.99 thru Jan. 3, then $99.99). Magellan provided us with the app and we’re still testing it, but we like it so far.


  1. Forget the NY Times App. It’s garbage. It’s slow as molasses and crashes constantly. I tried downloading and installing three times, and it only got worse. A shame. It’s the most unreliable iPhone app I have ever used. Avoid it at all costs!

  2. How can any nav app be better than MotionX’s? It’s cheaper than all of them and Andy Ihnatko says it’s the best and it’s by the same guys who made that realistic dice rolling app. It’s great.

  3. to the person who signed the message with “I hate to disagree but…”:

    The publication in question is eWeek. Their target audience is IT professionals in the trenches (affectionately called IT drones). Most of their productive time is spent managing Windows and networks, hence several apps for that.

    I’m not sure how long have you been on your quest, but if it is anything longer than, oh, three hours, you must have been looking in all the wrong places.

  4. @ I hate to disagree…

    Clue in. Look at the source, then be HAPPY that IT (i.e., generally Windoze drones) are using the iPhone instead of WinMobile.
    Pull head out of ass before Xmas please?

  5. @ I hate to disagree but…

    So, care to enlighten us to what you are after?

    Grrr, people like you really wind me up. Moan moan moan moan. No answers, no ideas, just moan moan moan.

    Here’s a hint; if you know what you are after, and apparently no one else does – write an App, make a million, and retire.

    Methinks you will just carry on moaning though.

  6. That MotionX nav app blows. It has far more menu options than is necessary, making it very much cluttered. The street names on the live map can be upside down, depending on what direction you are driving. The map details are crude at best. And as petty as this may be… it uses Bing. Thank you, but I’ll stick with an app that doesn’t use data from a company that hates the iPhone.

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