VLC for Mac development in danger of ceasing?

Apple Online Store“All work on the Mac version of VLC may soon have to come to a halt, says VideoLAN,” MacNN reports.

“VLC is an open-source media playback application, notable for supporting both audio and video, and formats missing from official playback tools made by Apple and Microsoft,” MacNN reports. “The VideoLAN software is developed on volunteer basis, however, and the number of Mac developers is reported to have dwindled to zero.”

MacNN reports, “VideoLAN warns that unless it can secure more developers, Mac support may be ended with the release of VLC 1.1.0.”

More info, including the skills needed, in the full article here.

More info about how to help the VideoLAN Project here.


  1. Maybe this is just a publicity stunt to convince some talented Mac developers to join their team? I believe that they’re understaffed, but ceasing all development seems drastic. This could just be something to kick people into action. At least I hope it is… VLC is unbelievably important to the Mac platform.

  2. ‘in danger of ceasing’?…..guys….

    Ow… my head hurts …. how about “VLC Development in jeopardy?”


    It’s a free program, free and theft (filesharing,etc) leads to shrinkage in development opportunities. If you stop funding something it will go away.

    Now, if only we could get that 4X volume on Quicktime….

  3. Maybe that explains why the last few versions of VLC have been less stable for me than older versions. I hope some talented coders hop onboard. It would be a pity to see VLC for Macs go.

  4. . . . as I’ve struggled with this PoS application for long enough, despite everybody extolling it as the be all, end all of media players. Every friggin’ file I try to play on it stutters: mp3, avi, divx, flac, you name it. iTunes and QuickTime do a good enough job for me, despite their limitations (particuarly QuickTime).

  5. I don’t have VLC and haven’t had a need for it. Considering I have been working with media files of all sorts on my Mac for two years, at times quite intensively, maybe it’s time for smart plugins to take over – ones that interpret media formats and play it over a cloud-based emulation.

  6. I could be mistaken here but doesn’t handbrake use VLC? And if that is the case…couldn’t someone here spin some sort of conspiracy theory? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Not crazy about playing back video in VLC either.
    I personally hate all the obscure formats out there.

    Love iTunes — we convert everything to h.264 the minute it comes in.

    I’d be much happier if there was something like Visual Hub that had the same range of formats as VLC. And was a little faster. And wasn’t dead.

  8. VLC was invaluable for many years in the early history of OS X, but I don’t think I’ve used it for anything productive in the last year or so. There are many other multimedia playback/editor options these days. Still, it would be sad to lose VLC just when they finally developed a marginally decent UI.

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