List of top U.S. places to work ranks Apple at #22

Apple Online StoreIn a list of the top 50 places to work in the U.S., compiled by, an online jobs site which collected and compiled reviews from U.S.-based company employees throughout 2009, Apple Inc. places near the middle of the pack at #22.

The Top 10:
1. Southwest Airlines Co.
2. General Mills Inc.
3. Slalom Consulting
4. Bain & Company
5. McKinsey & Company
7. Boston Consulting
8. Continental Airlines Inc.
9. Procter & Gamble Co.
10. Juniper Networks Inc.

Glassdoor also ranked the worst companies to work for in the U.S., a list that includes Kmart, RadioShack, and Hewlett-Packard, among others.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Dell would’ve been #1 on the worst list if they had any U.S. employees left. wink


  1. Actually ranking #22 on a Top 50 list is hardly “middle of the pack,” since there are thousands of large companies in the country. I’d say ALL of the Top 50 companies can be considered stellar performers!

  2. On another note, I wouldn’t fret or get too amped up about Gibson. Of course they string you along without sticking out their necks. They must have plucky workers who aren’t too picky.

  3. Little in common with Fortune’s list.

    Without an explanation of methodology, this list is worthless.

    (Where’s Wegmans? It’s been in the top 10 of Fortune’s list for over 10 years.)

  4. Whereas I normaly enjoy the somewhat playfull tone of the MDN, with it’s no holds barred Macaphile attitude, Dell workers losing jobs followed by a *winky* is rather inappropriate…
    I’m glad I work for a large, succesful global computer/hardware manufacturer that has recently broadened it’s range into mobile telecom too but get no satisfaction from hearing about other people losing their jobs…
    A little thought please…

  5. Amp
    Hope I didn’t get off bass too much with my pitch to fiddle around and then-presto!-cause you to Ralph. Armstrong tactics can disrupt harmony, and some people are ‘so’nata fan of fusion. They would rather piccolo keyed lounge sound that could cause me to self induce Castrato.

    But, dawg, if you can cut-time to enjoy a Mystical Adventure, you will get a Randy feeling (but the Jacks-on, not off), and you will gain a Rhythm of Hope….dawg.

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