Alleged video of rumored Apple tablet surfaces (with video)

French website has posted a video they’ve headlined, “Is this the first video of the MacTablet aka TabletMac?”

Direct link via YouTube here.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you had a rogue Apple tablet, and you wanted to videotape it for all the world to see, would you go shopping for comfy chairs and kitchen cabinets? ‘Tis the start of the silly season, with no Macworld Expo keynote to stop the rumor mill from spinning this year (an Apple Media Event, TBA, will have to do). Go easy on the eggnog, now, ya hear?


  1. Does look nice. However, the little windows have an X (or what appears to be that) in the upper-right corner, which would be different than usual. Even widgets have them in the upper-left, like regular windows.

  2. I call realistic if not real. The app shown is blatantly Ikea’s and they design nearly everything on cheap PCs. Thus they would’ve designed the window close button in the wrong place. Also, the touchscreen looks very precise and the speed/graphics typical of Apple.

  3. Hmm, more than likely not real, but possibly one of the most realistic fakes yet. If and when an Apple tablet is released, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t differ too greatly from than this.

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