Report: Foxconn tapped to manufacture next-gen iPhone

Great Offers at MacWarehouse“Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwanese iPhone manufacturer, has reportedly received an order to build the next-generation handset, likely to arrive in mid-2010,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Eldar Murtazin, editor in chief of Mobile Review, broke the news on his Twitter account Thursday in a brief, singular post: ‘Foxconn received order for next generation iphone,'” Hughes reports. “As noted by Engadget, Murtazin is the ‘ultimate insider’ for news in the mobile phone world.”

Hughes reports, “The timing makes sense, as Apple’s first three iPhone product debuts hit a June launch. For Apple to ramp up the production of millions of handsets in time for a global debut would take a significant amount of time.”

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  1. I’ve been wondering what Apple could add to the hardware in this new version. The only thing I can really imagine is a front-facing iChat camera. I expect bumps in battery life, camera resolution, LTE readiness. Any thought?

  2. 1. please a REAL camera! the actual really sucks…
    2. more thin like the ipod touch
    3. better battery life (I think)
    4 more fast (I think)
    5. sell unlocked! please Iam not live in USA
    6. more cheap..

  3. @ NCIceman: Can you tell me what you plan to use the tablet for? Do you have a laptop or a desktop? I’ve been scratching my head for a long time trying to figure out the market for these things (especially for someone with an iPhone and laptop) and your input would be helpful.

  4. A better battery, and 64 GB of storage!!!

    Those are the two things that are highest on my list.

    I have the original 2G still. I also still have my 60 GB iPod, although I never use it! It has simply become a backup drive for my music collection, and I would love to consolidate to one device.

    My iPod is at maximum capacity, so the additional 4 GB would be used for apps, and navigation data.

    My iPhone sometimes get woefully low of battery charge by the end of my twelve hour work day, and those around me with the 3GS don’t seem to have any better luck with the battery.

    I would sacrifice some of the thinness in order to make both if these happen.

    A better camera, with a zoom would be a welcome addition as well.

  5. Steve: …”5. sell unlocked! please Iam not live in USA”

    There are several countries where iPhone sells unlocked (Belgium, Italy, some others).

    Buying an unsubsidised iPhone (or any phone) and then using it with a US carrier is throwing money away. Same as letting your two-year contract expire without getting a new subsidised phone. US carriers DON’T offer a monthly plan that does not include subsidy. Therefore, if you’re already paying that subsidy, you may as well get something for it.

  6. @ Predrag

    I have a original 2G iPhone. I too am annoyed that it has not been unlocked since I am out of contract or that my monthly rate has not decreased.

    I thought of upgrading to a 3GS, however, I do not need the additional features that it has.

    With your argument about I am still paying a subsidy and throwing my money away, I do not completely agree.

    I paid the full amount for the phone when it came out. My monthly rate is lower than for the 3G version and I have 200SMS messages included as well.

    If I upgrade, I would have to pay $10 per month more and pay extra for SMS. AT&T;says it is for faster speed. That is BS. If the extra $10 was for higher bandwidth and usage, why are they threatening to increase rates for 3G iPhone users who actually use AT&T;network.

    I personally do not SMS, but I would get really annoyed when other people SMS me and I have to pay to read their STUPID messages.

    I cannot turn of SMS messaging on the iPhone like I could on my old Razor.

    As for 3G, I know people who have the 3GS. I like the phone and I would like the faster speed. But I have a fast connection at work and at home. I can wait an extra few seconds when I am outside.

    Also, around me, AT&T;reception is DISMAL. You barely get 2G let alone 3G. Many times I get the circle symbol rather than the E or 3G(on my friends 3G iPhone).

    Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to upgrade, but I have not seen anything that convinces me to upgrade.

    That is one more reason to buy Apple products, they last.

    One feature that would make me immediately pre-order the next iPhone would be video iChat. BUT, that would cripple AT&T;even more.

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