Samsung unveils new ‘bada’ smartphone platform

Apple SaleSamsung today unveiled its new smartphone platform, “bada.”

The rest of the press release, verbatim:

At this unveiling, Samsung showcases the bada SDK (Software Development Kit) for partners and presents the unique benefits and unprecedented opportunities that the bada platform will bring to developers, mobile operators and consumers.

Samsung bada is a driving force in accomplishing Samsung’s vision of a ‘smartphone for everyone.’ To achieve this vision, Samsung bada offers a feature-rich platform for enhanced mobile experiences for consumers, and a complete mobile ecosystem through a developer support program that both the application store and consumers will benefit from. Based on Samsung’s accumulated expertise in developing advanced mobile phones, the company will allow its users to enjoy ultimate mobile experience through superb features.

Dr Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said, “In providing Samsung bada, I believe that Samsung will become a true leader in the mobile industry; offering a wider range of smartphone choices for consumers.” He added, “At the same time, Samsung bada presents a powerful opportunity for developers to get their applications onto an unprecedented number of Samsung devices across the world“

Samsung bada, meaning Ocean in Korean, possesses the following key characteristics:


Based on Samsung’s signature TouchWiz User Interface, Samsung bada platform provides an easy, simple, and intuitive UI without compromising efficiency. To enhance creativity and user interactivity, Samsung bada provides flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, and face detection. Also, it supports sensor-based, context-aware applications. By using various sensors such as accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, and activity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware interactive applications.


Samsung bada differentiates its position by supporting various service-centric features such as social networking, device synchronization, content management, location-based services, and commerce services – all supported by back-end bada servers. These ground-breaking developer-friendly features support developers to implement various services without additional effort.

Open and configurable

Samsung bada enables developers to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities to create compelling applications with ease. Applications can use device functions to make phone calls, send messages, or access the contact list. Also, various service applications can share information such as personal profiles, social relations, schedules, or contents with a simple user confirmation in order to provide services with greater personal relevance and cooperative service extension. The flexibility of the bada platform makes it applicable to a wide range of devices than any other mobile operating system.

Attendees at today’s launch event will also be introduced to the new Samsung bada Developer Challenge. The Challenge is the first chance for developers to win a share of a US$2,700,000 prize fund, simply by using the features of the new bada platform to build a wide variety of applications for bada devices. The competition is one of the largest ever for developers of mobile software and is testament to Samsung’s commitment to the new bada platform.

Samsung is also set to announce a series of Developer Days to take place across the world during 2010. Open to all developers, the initial events will be held in Seoul, London and San Francisco, with more events following as the year progresses.

The event will also feature insights from current bada development partners including micro blogging service Twitter, movies and games rental outlet Blockbuster, Video and iconic games developers CAPCOM, EA Mobile, and Gameloft . Each partner outlined their vision for the future of mobile apps and how they believe that bada will play a key role in the advance of app services to a wider audience in years to come.

For further information please visit the bada website.

Source: Samsung Electronics

MacDailyNews Take: Late, derivative and superfluous is no way to go through life, Samsung.

Before this thing goes bada boom, Samsung needs to make Bing the default search decision engine on bada devices. Then they can hire James Gandolfini to do the TV ads.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Might as well call it “bada dejá vu,” because it’s iPod history all over again. Every one one of these desperate copycats can flail away with these things, but they’re just skating to where the puck was.

  2. I don’t think this is a silly as MDN is making it. This is an OS for a feature phone. This is not really in the same market as the iPhone. For their iPhone competitor, Samsung will use Android and WinMo. Bada isn’t meant to compete with the iPhone. This is like trying to compare a Netbook running Ubuntu from Flash memory to a 17 in MacBook. Their not even in the same market. One is for teens with parents that won’t pay the extra $30/month for their kids cellphone, the other is for Adults who can afford the premium luxury.

    Again, not the same market.

  3. @ Dallasm

    Everybody is abandoning the sinking ship i.e. WiMo. Who want to pay for a piece of crap if you can develop your platform or get one for free. For Samsung, that’s the way to go unless they retreat from the market completely. Nobody is going to win over iphone, but having a distant second is not a bad idea for them.

  4. This is good, and so is android, keep in mind the more established decent platforms out there push Apple to improve constantly (not that they aren’t already) the more good alternatives that are out there, the better it gets for us iPhone users

  5. Just a lot of Mumbo Jumbo “Bada” style.

    They should just have said something like: “We think we have the best iPhone Rip-Off in the market and in due time we expect to be the #2 contender”. Simple argument and most would have understood exactly what they are up to.

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