Dutch KPN to get Apple iPhone soon

Holiday Sale over 400  dealsThe largest provider in The Netherlands, KPN, looks to have the iPhone in its stores sometime next year.

Untill today T-Mobile was the sole provider of the iPhone, but today an incomplete webpage seen at the KPN website reveals that KPN may soon have Apple’s iPhone.

Take a quick look at www.kpn.com/iphone.htm

T-Mobile’s exclusive deal with Apple in that market ends in July 2010.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Erwin” for the heads up.]


  1. This news is not correct.
    I read that KPN have purchased unlocked iPhones and are offering them to customers, especially those who are ending their contract with KPN, because they want an iPhone. These are not official operator iPhones. T-Mobile has an exclusive deal for the iPhone in the netherlands.

  2. Don’t want to spoil the party here, but this page clearly says:

    “So you’ve bought an iPhone and now you want to use it on the KPN network” implicating this is just a manual page for users with an unlocked iPhone. It describes in detail how to install an unlocked phone on their network.

    This is a full finished page and it’s still online, so I don’t think there’s any official Apple connection with KPN here…

  3. *runs with his clocs towards the shops, eating a piece of cheese and wearing a colourful tee with tulips on them on*

    The Dutch jokes are getting old by the way…

    This is not true. T-mobile signed a 5 year contract.

    It’s time that they breaks these contracts though…A monopoly position in a country with more than 10 mayor providers is ridiculous.

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