Time Inc. demos Sports Illustrated on Apple-esque tablet coming in 2010 (with video)

“Last month, Condé Nast played show-and-tell with its concept of a digitized magazine. Today it’s Time Inc.’s turn: The publisher is demoing a concept version of Sports Illustrated it says will be able to run on whatever tablet Apple or any else has up their sleeves,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “Eventually, the publisher imagines that it will port all its titles into the new format, which it says will be ready for primetime by the middle of next year or sooner.”

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Full article here.


  1. I watched this video last night and thought of how cool Zinio Reader would be on a tablet for old publications.

    This could also be the saving grace for a lot of dailies to add local content and become a mixture of print/video (the only logical path) and for news outlets to merge content such as ABC/ NY Times, CBS/Washington Post, and FOX/Huffington Post…..

  2. @Tiger Leopard

    This is, sadly, something I’ve seen on other blogs. The best way for trolls and pro-MS astroturfers to discredit a blogger is to vandalize their posts with comments that drive the discussion away from the positive things Apple is doing and onto something irrelevant and annoying (eg: politics). Readers get frustrated and stop checking the posts and in this way the astroturfers drive eyeballs away from positive stories about Apple.

    As I see it, this means that MDN is doing something right. The MS trolls that appear hear from time to time come here because the site is working and spreading a message MS doesn’t like.

    Sadly MDN’s own politics, and that of some readers (naming no names, pointing no fingers), can sometimes play into their hands.

    Let’s keep this about Apple folks.

    Respectfully from,
    Daily Reader…a reader who doesn’t feel whole unless he’s checked MDN at least twice before starting his day’s work. MDN, don’t start your day without it.

  3. @Tiger Leopard
    A product like this can incorporate many technologies and programming tricks not do-able on a web site. Plus it doesn’t have the limitation of needing to be connected to the internet, other than to download a given issue. There are many reasons.

  4. Tiger Leopard..and any others who question the potential of this.
    This is NOT rearranging their website. If you look at how advertising and display is often handled in print vs the web, text heavy pages simply don’t have room to display advertising in a contextually savvy way. The physics of vision play a part here. Look at the ads on the right side of MDN here. There’s only so much room. As visual and tactile beings we respond to the things we get stronger visual impressions from. The tablet format, really brought to life in a migrated, update of what has existed in print for years makes a huge difference in the way information is presented. Show me a website that functions like a magazine right now. There might be some that exist…but none with the brand recognition of Sports Illustrated. This is a very powerful demonstration of where print could migrate to rather quickly. If the rumors about the lower price point for the Apple device are true the pace of migration will be stunning. Old media is not just going to curl up and die, anymore than radio went away when television came along. It will evolve and become something better, more targeted and work in ways that current websites do not.

  5. So they want to release a new peice of hardware you have to buy, so you can what? sign up to subscribe to this “special package” of magazine content, which is already available via a website?

    Im sorry but the days of “monthly” published media are over. And So is paying for a subscription.

    These days, almost no news is “exclusive” and even enthusiaste magazines like Road & Track have MORE information on their website with videos, and message boards… If they packaged that into somthing you have to pay for, they would lose out on a lot of ad revenue…

  6. Take that video and make it into a school book with lab videos, speeches, interactive time lines, educational games, … Now, dump those back backs out young students!

    Teachers, it’s a whole new world coming soon! This generation will get an education like no other in history!

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