French Archos hopes to challenge Apple with new tablet PC

Hammacher Homepage 300x250“Archos, an electronics company that pioneered MP3 players in the early 2000s but lost out to Apple’s iPod, hopes to boost sales by beating its larger U.S. competitor to market with touch-screen tablet PCs,” Michel Rose and Florent Le Quintrec report for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: Archos is still in business?

Rose and Le Quintrec report, “The company expects to return to sales growth in the fourth quarter for the first time in two years, helped by Christmas sales and the launch of the new product — thin PC devices mid-way between smartphones and netbooks. ‘We are coming back with a new technology, which is the Internet tablet based on Google’s Android. It’s a platform which is rivaling the iPhone’s,’ Archos founder and Chief Executive Henri Crohas told Reuters in an interview.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Rivaling.” Meaning 1/10th the unit sales, less than 1/10th the apps, and 1/100th the third-party accessories market. “Mimicking” is more like it. And not too well, either. Wanna see what Android will look like in three years? Wait until Apple previews iPhone OS 4.0 and then imagine a less usable version three years late.

Rose and Le Quintrec report, “Archos last week unveiled a 17 million-euro ($25.6 million) capital increase to help pay for marketing and developing products in a move that also opens the door to a possible takeover of the company. ‘For our development, if a big player enters, or even launches a takeover bid, I don’t know, I am not opposed to that,’ Crohas said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Unlike Palm, at least Archos comes right out and states its true intentions.

Rose and Le Quintrec report, “The company also expects to post a third consecutive annual loss this year… ‘Thanks to (the new products), we already know this quarter will be the first quarter of growth for two years, so the situation is turning around,’ Crohas said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hope springs eternal, regardless of merit – or sanity.

Rose and Le Quintrec report, “Shares in Archos have dwindled to around 3 euros from a peak of 76 euros in 2006, giving it a market value of about 27 million euros, compared with Apple’s $180 billion… Apple is expected to launch a highly anticipated but unconfirmed tablet device next year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve crossed the Rubicon when Apple product “killers” start appearing before Apple even enters the market(s) it will soon create/revolutionize.


  1. @silverhawk
    With no apparent other reason, one possibility for the quick drop could have been AAPL’s low volume yesterday attracted a bear raid. Hedge fund manipulators have been known to launch enough short selling to overtake the low volume and drive the price down. So the consequent after-hours rise would be them covering plus some taking advantage of the dip to buy. Hence the return to a price almost exactly where it was the day before. Otherwise there may have been some Jobs’ health rumor or some other buzz, but I haven’t seen such so far.

  2. “It’s a platform which is rivaling the iPhone’s,”
    I guess it’s OK to hallucinate every once in a while. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    Competition is always a good thing, but I have yet to see anything that makes me say WOW like Apple’s products. When you remove the flashing lights and chintzy covers from the competition, you’re still left with mediocre trash that wouldn’t even pass for an Apple dumpter-dive.

  3. MDN: “Meaning 1/10th the unit sales, less than 1/10th the apps, and 1/100th the third-party accessories market.”

    That’s a good description of Apple vs. PCs. It goes to prove that numbers are not the whole picture.

  4. Oh goodie, yet one more variety of Android hardware to splinter the Android ecosystem.

    The more things people figure out what to do with Android, the more unwieldy the platform becomes. Anybody foolish enough to buy this thing will go on the Android Marketplace expecting to find lots of great apps, yet almost none of them will be optimized for this device.

  5. Going for Android is a big kick to MS. Do to Win 7 higher price and hardware needs I think the netbook makers will have no choice to dump MS. To make touch screen you must have the biz or ultra. This is why All-in-ones can’t compete with iMacs, and why small tablets will not use them. If the iPad (my guess on the name) takes off, the iPad killers will not be able to use Win 7. MS will lose next years next years netbook replacement. So much for Market share.

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