Apple adding iTunes LP creation to iDVD?

Hammacher Homepage 300x250According to The Boy Genius Report, Apple’s iDVD will soon be getting refreshed with iTunes LP creation support.

“We’ve been informed that Apple plans to completely redo their iDVD application (in addition to others in iLife 2010), and besides iDVD not being refreshed in a pretty long time, one of the reasons appears to be the inclusion of iTunes LP creation,” TBGR reports.

“This will allow artists (indie and major) to create a custom iTunes LP and submit it directly to Apple right from the new application that will be a part of iLife 2010,” TBGR reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. @ Rofl Lundgren…WTF!!! Seriously, can’t you find another forum to have posted you’re Pelosi spiel?

    This thread is about the iTunes LP, and not some trumped up theocratic crap.

    MDN posts plenty of political crap, how about posting to one of them. Better yet, how about not posting at all.

    That being said, I think it would be nice for Apple to release a new app specifically for iTunes LP creation, only available for the Mac. That would really send a ripple through the digital downloads industry.

  2. George,

    I’ve been saying this every year iLife gets updated. In January of 2005, Jobs proclaimed 2005 the “Year of the HD”. In about a month, it will be five years later. Yet, we still don’t have an integrated solution for creating HD optical media.

    I can’t expect all class parents in my kids’ school to have AppleTV. Not to mention my in-laws, parents and other relatives. So, how am I supposed to give them Hi-Def videos of important family events?

    Apple must upgrade iLife to bring Blu-ray authoring into it. Specially important is the ability to burn Blu-ray AVCHD discs, since everyone already has DVD burners, so the ability to put one hour of HD on an ordinary DVD that can be played back in HD in a Blu-ray player is essential.

    Steve, how about that?

  3. I can’t believe that Apple will reverse course on iDVD – they didn’t update iDVD at all in iLife ’09 and I don’t think they will now. Rather, I predict that they will drop iDVD from iLife with the next iteration of OS X and create a CD and DVD “service” similar to the CUPS printing service.

    Think about it – developers could sell plug-ins that provide you with extra themes and additional functionality over and above what Apple builds in.

  4. it means media at 720 and up. folks need to get over expecting Apple to ever put built in blu-ray support, especially for burning, in their machines. its just not going to happen. you want to burn blu-ray, get an external and a copy of toast.

    personally i wouldn’t be shocked if iDVD was simply dumped since it isn’t all that great a program and Apple seems to be moving to digital formats (like LP and Extras)

  5. Let’s not confuse things; we’re talking about iDVD, not about Blu-ray playback in Macs. Jobs had said it before, Blu-ray playback is very unlikely to ever happen in Mac OS (“Bag of hurt”). This has nothing to do with the ability to author Blu-ray compatible content in iLife using ordinary DVDs. There are at least five sub- $100 Windows titles that can do exactly this. There is really no valid excuse for Apple not to provide this in iLife as well.

  6. Steve proclaimed long ago…

    No one actually purchases movies, everyone wants glossy screens, and no one needs to burn any sort of DVD.

    iLife upgrade for 2010 will result in the complete removal of the long ago abandoned iDVD.


  7. Blue Ray Players are a very slow moving product line in the UK. Very few people have so far sprung for them. Renting physical disks involves two journeys so not very popular with the majority.

    Blue Ray burners are are like rocking horse manure. Seldom if ever seen in the average home.

    Until a large segment of the population have players there is little point investing in burners. And who wants to pay £5 a pop for a BR disk anyway?

    Toast 10 Pro does a good job burning 30 minute HD BR home movies onto cheap DVD-R disks.

  8. I’d like to see the “LP” or “iTunes extras” ability in iLife ’10. It’d be cool to create menus and a wrapper for content and publish to Apple TV and iPhone devices.

    One key thing will the be ability to share with family — big reason why the physical DVD is still important.

    BTW, Blu-ray is probably doing well in the US this Christmas season. Lots of deals on players ($100-200). I know many people going that way now. (Pretty much the same price as upconversion DVD player… which BD players also do.)

  9. …”Toast 10 Pro does a good job burning 30 minute HD BR home movies onto cheap DVD-R disks.”

    And that should be iDVD’s job. There is no valid reason why this shouldn’t be a part of iDVD’s feature set.

    More than half of US households have a HDTV set. By the end of this holiday season, majority will have a Blu-ray player. Nine out of ten consumer camcorders on the market today are HD. To put this in perspective, when iDVD first came out (early 2001), less than 15% of US households had a DVD player, very few computers had a DVD burner (and an internal IDE model cost $400), and blank DVDs were at least $8 each. It didn’t take long for blank DVDs to drop below $1, and for DVD players to drop below $200 (and then below $100, and then below $50). Today, Blu-ray has been the only HD optical media standard for almost two years, and its market penetration is higher than where DVD was at the same time in its life. DVD took about 10 years to surpass VCR. At present, Blu-ray is nearing 25% of the US market, which puts it in some 25 million US households. While DVD was an addition to VCR, Blu-ray is supplanting DVD. Once it hits 50%, it will become the most common format in US.

    At least 8 million of these HD households today surely have Macs at home, as well as HD camcorders. What software should they use to make Blu-ray discs for their in-laws, relatives, friends?

    There is simple no more excuse.

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