Stewart Alsop: Motorola’s Droid sucks

Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“The Motorola Droid is truly terrible, in part because it has such promise (and has been amazingly well reviewed — I worry I’m missing something). Ironically, most of the blame for the cruddiness of the phone really should be laid at Google’s feet, not Motorola’s,” Stewart Alsop writes for Alsop Louie Partners.

“The hardware (which is Motorola’s) mostly works. The keyboard is horrible and I’ve never used it, which means that it is a real design flaw given how much weight and mechanical operation it adds to the device. (The software keyboard works well enough that I’ve found it adequate but the other problems with the software make it barely useable.) The camera button on my Droid doesn’t work and never has, so I call up the camera from the home screen. The on-off button is poorly placed for one-handed operation and requires real force to actuate,” Alsop writes.

“The software (Google’s Android plus apps both from Google and from other developers) doesn’t work and is unacceptable on a mobile device. First, the operating system doesn’t work well enough to be considered a mobile OS. A mobile phone needs to have an OS that is really tied down and ready to perform at all times, like for receiving phone calls. This one isn’t,” Alsop writes. “The process management in the OS stinks. Press on an app icon; maybe it will come up and maybe the phone will just not respond. Who’s to know why?”

Alsop writes, “I’m not actually joking. The software is so bad that, for instance, when you open the phone app and click on search, there are multiple opportunities for the software to not respond or to respond incorrectly, which means that the phone is not useable unless you are starting intently at it and very, very patient about waiting for something to happen. If you want to search your contacts, you type the first letter and the phone will stop responding for 20-30 seconds. Don’t know why.”

Alsop writes, “After a month of using the phone (or trying really hard to use it) as my primary device, I have concluded that it’s a bad product and I have to get rid of it. It is plenty clear that Motorola was so desperate to get it on the market that it didn’t take time to test it properly and pushed or pulled Google into releasing crappy software on it.”

Full article – highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s always nice to see the truth in print, however rare it may be.


  1. The sad thing is that nearly everyone who’s getting one of these is going from something even more terrible, such as Windows Mobile or Symbian, so for them it’s an improvement. Those stubborn or stupid enough to shun the iPhone truly get what they deserve.

  2. Have you guys even used a Droid? If you fanboys could pull your head out of Steve Jobs ass long enough to see what else is out there with an open mind, I think you would soon change your mind. The Droid may not be all that, but HTC has some Android phones that blow the iPhone away. By the way, they also are able to make phone calls on a reliable network. I had an iPhone for a year and now that I’ve discovered Android, won’t ever look back.

    Keep up with your ignorance though, ignorance is bliss after all.

  3. From what I hear the HTC Eris is as close As Android has been able to get to an iPhone. But you never hear anything about it. Someone needs to do a review on that one. Everyone knows the motorola droid phone sucks.

  4. Ben, I agree. I have been using the iPhone since the 3G, then the 3GS. Worked very well but AT&T;service just plain and simply sucks. Over 70% missed calls. Had to go back to Verizon to get decent phone service and am enjoying the Droid. Haven’t found any software that I used on the iPhone that I can’t get for the Droid. Like you will never look back until Apple gets the balls to dump the worst cell network in the USA and go with something that works and is fast, I am with Droid. All this being said, everything else I own is Mac and just truly disgusted with Apple on AT&T;. They could quadruple there profits on a decent network.

  5. Totally reminds me of my Windows Mobile Phone. It was pure hell. The OS performed exactly the same and then the touch screen started developing dead spots. I was starting to worry if I had an emergency, I would be SOL. Traded up for a Blackberry. It’s no iPhone and I know BB gets some flack around here but, they really are the best phone that does have a keyboard.

  6. Friend bought a droid, messed around with it last week. Not impressed at all. The user interface just isn’t on par with with iPhone. He went to play a movie and it locked up. He Had to remove the battery!

    I wanted to like the droid. Competition would be good for apple. I guess well have to wait.

    The screen is nice though…

  7. @Ben,

    You and I know that you never owned an iPhone. You can lie though, it’s not a crime to do so. Have people owned an iPhone and give it up for something else? Sure, my cousin Willie in San Fransisco is one. I am sure there are many others. At&t;experiences the same thing Verizon or Tmobile or anyone else would experience with a great useful product, overload. Android may or may not do well, who knows, look at how Windows being a cheap imitation paid off for Microsoft?

    The device in comparion to the Droid (iPhone) is a superior device, it is without question. If the Droid gets the following and the actual usability of the iPhone it will crush Verizon’s network as well. The problem there is the if, there was never an “if” with the iPhone, everyone new it was going to be a smashing success because it was revolutionary. Google won’t get that chance because they were late to the party wearing a red dress that isn’t quite the same “look and feel”.

    I know it sucks not wanting a product everyone wants and not knowing or understanding why everyone wants that product so bad. My brother has a Zune because of the same thinking. Being insane will drive you nuts. So just jump in front of traffic and end your own nightmare.

    Thank You.

  8. Lets see, the iphone can barely make phone calls, can only run one app at a time, doesn’t support true background processes/notifications, has a glorified app store where useful apps are rejected for no good reason and at the same time is dominated by useless apps that make fart noises, rarely receives updates and is slow as balls (at least the 3G is), has a crappy camera, apple won’t allow you to record video with the camera even though it is capable, can’t replace your battery, can’t upgrade your memory… no thanks, I’ll take an HTC Passion with Android please.

  9. “… but HTC has some Android phones that… “

    But I don’t want some cheap plastic bulky phone, making strange noises when I use it.

    HTC has Dell written all over it.

    My phone and computer are my most important tools. I want the very best, that’s why I buy Apple.

    (I’m not on ATT’s net, so I can’t comment on that).

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