Apple App Store rejects ‘Droid’ app promoting Verizon’s latest pretend iPhone

Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“Apple has rejected an app advertising the Motorola Droid, according to reports,” MacNN reports.

“Called iDroid, the app has only one function, which is to imitate the glowing red eye of the Droid while linking to promotional material,” MacNN reports. “Unlike some other more prominent rejections, the iDroid case is believed to be clear-cut, since the app promotes” Verizon’s latest pretend iPhone.

MacNN theorizes that the app is just “a simple attempt at gaining publicity, much in the way that groups like PETA rely on controversy from banned TV ads.”

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  1. Nothing smells like desperation more than advertising your product using your competitor’s platform. It’s a tacit acknowledgement of the fromidable scope of your competition’s influence.

    Like Disney buying time on NBC to promote ABC shows, or Microsoft buying space on MDN. It happens sometimes, and it’s always lame.

  2. “HA! See? Apple is afraid of our mighty Droid! See? See?”

    I expect the response to be crickets, interrupted by the occasional chuckle, head shaken in disbelief.


  3. RBC analyst Mark Sue said earlier today that Droid may have sold up to 800,000 units already. This is probably the best launch other than iPhone. If it is true, Verizon will finally get their chance to prove how truly reliable their network really is.

    If these droid users are anything like iPhone users, they’ll be slamming that network with data traffic.

  4. I used a friends Droid over the weekend. What a piece of crap. Very difficult to figure out, the touch screen is poor at best. Thank God for Apple are that is the type of phone we’d all still be suffering with.

  5. This won’t be reversed. It’s a clear DPLA violation. Only morons would try to use the rejection as an example of Apple’s heavy-handedness, which translates roughly to half a dozen blogtards.

  6. Verizon has no shame. This is almost as pathetic as parking a Verizon kiosk outside the door of the Apple store, as they have done in Portland for several months. Desperation and hubris.

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