iPhone owners more likely to pay for digital content

72 Hour Apple Black Friday Sale“Owners of Apple’s iPhone are more likely than any other consumer to pay for digital content across a range of content types, including newspapers, a new study [Olswang Convergence Survey 2009] has found,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“In addition to a greater willingness to agree to micropayments or subscriptions for content, U.K. iPhone users are also more likely to embrace different forms of technology, such as on-demand programming both on their handset and their living room TV,” Marsal reports.

“The study was a collaboration between Olswang and YouGov, who polled 1,013 U.K. adults and 536 children aged 13 to 17,” Marsal reports.

“The study does not offer good news for the print industry, as only 19 percent of respondents said they are willing to make micropayments or commit to subscriptions for newspaper content. Here as in everywhere, though, iPhone users were more likely to agree, with 30 percent saying they would pay to read articles or columns,” Marsal reports. “But 58 percent of adults [iPhone users] said they would pay online for a film just released in theaters, and 52 percent said they would pay for online access to a movie that won’t be released on DVD for at least two months. In addition, 40 percent are willing to pay to watch a film that is already available on DVD or on-demand via TV.”

“Here again, iPhone users are more open to the concept: 73 percent would pay to see a movie currently in theaters via the Web, 67 percent for one that won’t be released on DVD for some time, and 54 percent for one available through traditional means,” Marsal reports. “The same rules apply to TV, where 30 percent of consumers would pay for a TV show they missed, while 41 percent of iPhone users are willing.”

Full article here.

Olswang reports: Amongst our survey base, 8% of Adults and 9% of Kids own an iPhone. As might be expected, ownership is skewed toward the early adopters and away from the Laggards, and, amongst Adults, towards the 25-34 segment:

Olswang reports, “Smartphones such as the iPhone are changing consumer behaviour. The activities of the iPhone user base make us more optimistic than previously about the future consumption of mobile TV and other rich media services on the third screen.”

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, who’s surprised that people who are smart and discerning enough to buy the real thing (iPhone, Mac, iPod) are more willing to pay for — and less likely to steal (see related articles below) — digital media than those who constantly saddle themselves with inferior knockoffs in quixotic attempts to achieve so-called “deals?”

Read the full “Olswang Convergence Survey 2009” here.

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  1. What about freebie loving Android users?

    This does not portend well for Verizon trying to sell the endless expensive silly services and account add-ons.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. (Yes, even you Windows users.)

  2. Does anyone not from the US have any special type of major holiday they celebrate at this time?

    Thankgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays in the US only rivaled by Christmas. It’s a very big deal here.

  3. Paying for digital newspapers strikes me as paying to read a blog, no thanks.
    Especially when it comes to the more and more frequent reporter opinions over the facts.
    Magazines I would consider case by case.
    Altogether I would say it’s pretty obvious that iPhone users would in fact be willing considering it’s a fantastic streamlined user friendly platform unlike anything else, as well as assuming iPhone users makeup the premium market.
    Btw I did a count of iPhones at the thanksgiving dinner
    50% were iPhones
    the other half were lookin at everyone elses iPhones at some point.
    There was 1 blackberry and rest I don’t even know what they were.
    Of course this all started with my original 1st gen iPhone and spread like wildfire from there

  4. Speaking of my 1st gen
    I still have it and I really do prefer the look and feel over my 3g
    I would be happy to see a unibody aluminum type Return to original form in the next gen
    I like the metal back and it not being as wide as the 3g
    and the weight
    it just feels right

  5. @Digits McGee – Right you are. During my Palm days, I could not bring myself to buy any (well almost) additional apps because of the strong suspicion they would be crap. I’m not currently an iPhone user, but I cannot imagine paying money for an app on my Nokia. In fact, I’d like to get rid of 75% of the preinstalled “functionality” and let the poor thing do what it does, ring and take voicemail.

  6. 1,013 U.K. adults and 536 children, how is this relevant statistically?

    Intuitively, the results looks like what we would expect.

    But without indicating an estimated statistical error margin for the results (based on relative profile of population replying vs. general population for instance), this is as relevant as anyone could put his finder in the air and write down his own conclusions.

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