Gartenberg: Apple is the new Nordstrom

Apple Online Store“This past week I was at the opening of Apple’s latest store in NYC. It’s a work of art with a forty five foot glass wall, an all glass ceiling and marble walls. Along with that there’s the now iconic glass staircase. In many ways, it’s more a community gathering place for Apple customers and potential customers than it is a retail store,” Michael Gartenberg writes for SlashGear. “The beauty of the stores are effective but that’s not what’s ultimately driving sales. At the end of the day, the physical store is merely the visible manifestation of the Apple customer experience.”

“Consumers don’t really care about things like Snow Leopard, Macintosh, iPods or iPhones. They care about music, web browsing, e-mail and the associated services that go with them. The platform is a means to that end, as is the store. Consumers do care a great deal about the experience they go through in buying these products and they care about the customer service they receive after the purchase,” Gartenberg writes.

“Over the last year I keep hearing more and more anecdotes about Apple’s customer service and particularly the experience at retail. All the stories were tales that bordered on the stuff that urban myths are made of,” Gartenberg writes. “They were repeated over and over to groups of people. They dealt with things ranging from MacBook keyboard problems, iPod failures and customer service during the purchases of back to school systems. In each case Apple did not please these customers, Apple delighted them.”

Gartenberg writes, “Regardless of whether they’re exaggerated over time or not, these stories help further build mindshare today, and mindshare today leads to market share tomorrow.”

Full article, in which Gartenberg calls Apple, the new Nordstrom, here.


  1. Excellent senitment – it isn’t about the hardware, it’s about the hardware allowing you to do the stuff you want to do…

    With Apple stuff you just do it..

    With Microsoft you just fight your way through endless obstacles…

  2. It’s the joy of working on a Mac, the thrill of getting stuff done with panache.

    I’ve had great experiences with Apple Bridgeport Store, the one nearest me. Not everything has always been 100% perfect but it is consistently an awesome uplifting happy and productive time well spent.

    Just ordered an i7 and bought another 1:1. Yes they are definitely getting our business and money and attention.

  3. It’s the new grammar, TC1: Make the verb agree (more or less) with the nearest noun. It makes no difference if that noun (sometimes pronoun) is the actual SUBJECT of that verb, just the nearest.

    “Only one of the plane’s 240 passengers are alive today.” Hmm: “Only one . . . are.” It’s amazing how many people can say that and not throw up.

  4. I know I’m speaking to the choir but I have yet to have a negative experience in the Apple Store. My wife’s iPhone 3g had battery issues. 2nd time we went to the Genius Bar the genius said that’s one too many times to visit us with the same issue and just replaced it. I think we were in and out of the store in 20 minutes. Wife’s happy and now tells her friends they have to get an iPhone or a Mac. Solid products & excellent customer service is a killer combo.

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