Apple Macs reign supreme at Microsoft’s Mobius 2009 (with photo)

“Once again, it’s Mobius time! Mobius is an invite-only event, hosted by Microsoft, where the invited guests are shown what Microsoft is doing in the mobile space,” Jason Dunn reports for WIndows Phone Thoughts.

MacDailyNews Take: WinMo market share charts marked Double Black Diamond? Microsoft code monkeys staring at their cubicle walls until it’s time to punch out? Trotting out Ballmer T. Clown to talk up a whole bunch of gibberish about yet another epic, dead-in-the-water Microsoft failure?

Dunn continues, “After the day of presentations, where each attendee received a 32 GB Zune HD.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, fer cripes sake. Here, the photo speaks at least a thousand words:

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  1. It is like when Steve Ballmer was on the TV news talking about the new Windows 7 and behind him was Windows 7 running on the Mac screen. Any Mac person would see it and Ballmer had know idea what was going on.

  2. How can Microsoft stand it? It’s fairly ballsy of the attendees, maybe each one of them said “maybe they won’t notice just one”
    Wonder if the netbooks are Hackintoshes.

  3. The author of the original article purportedly claimed (in a tweet) that the distribution was more like 50-50 (Mac – Win), and that he was sitting on the “win” side, with a better view of the Mac folks (just by coincidence).

    Even if that is true, it means that in a MS-sponsored event, where participants are supposedly heavy MS developers and influencers, HALF of them actually CHOSE a Mac notebook!!! This in fact does not surprise me all that much (if you actually know something about computing, developing software, etc., you’d be hard pressed to choose anything but Mac). I’m sure it is a complete shock for MS.

    Out of about 17 comments (till now) on the original article (coming from true MS fans), more than half mentioned the picture. “That image must have made MS marketing wince in pain” (paraphrasing one of the posters). And they were giving away their new Zunes to all these Mac-using folks! I’m sure those Zunes will be on eBay come Monday…

  4. Let me put it another way, what better way to “show what Microsoft is doing in the mobile space” than to give a Zune HD to Mac users and tell them to go sync it?

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