Virgin Mobile Canada to sell Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

MacMall 96 Hour Apple SaleVirgin Mobile Canada today released an official statement regarding Apple iPhone availability:

Virgin Mobile Canada will launch iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Virgin Mobile Retail Stores and online in Canada in the coming months.

Kate O’Brien reports for MobileSyrup, “We believe it’s February 2010.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. time for us state side to get more than one carrier….

    It can’t be THAT expensive to stick a CDMA chip in the iPhone? Especially not considering how many they would sell (easily upwards of 10million, over a few years). Why would apple turn down an opportunity to sell so many more devices?

  2. Bell/Telus just launched a new network in parallel to their CDMA one, using GSM. Hence the expanded availability of the iPhone. Have not checked to see if plans are any better than Rogers/Fido, which would not take much doing.

  3. At 80 bucks a month (for a usable plan). For three years you’ll pay $2880.

    That’s $960 more that what Americans pay. Our dollar isn’t THAT bad!

    Any nonsense about the fortune that they’ve paid for the infrastructure — is just that. AT&T;has ten times the infrastructure — with tens times the burden placed on it — by customers. Their busier infrastructure seems to manage. And AT&T;has yet to lock in their customers for an extra thousand bucks!

    I give the plans…

    Telus is a 1.0
    Bell is a 2.9
    Fido is a 2.5
    Rogers is a 3.0 …

    … out of 10!

  4. It’s not just as simple as sticking in a CDMA radio, replacing the GSM one or Apple would have done it already and sent it in to the FCC for licensing. Apparently, you have to redesign the radio and antenna layout. Why? Dunno, but that’s what I read. And, you can’t talk and surf at the same time. What good is that?

  5. Big whoop.

    Branson’s company doesn’t have big enough brass ones to go toe-to-toe with the CRTC and their slavish pets Bell and Rogers (or is that the other way around, CRTC the toady pet of the two collusive carriers we have) and actually give us real competition on pricing on the iPhone.

    No way, no how. I dare Branson come come in and undercut Bell and Rogers by 33-50%. He won’t do it. He’ll offer just another rip-off, three year contract plan for the jesus phone, you watch.

  6. Should have added that since Bell owns a controlling stake in Virgin Mobile in Canada, you won’t see a dollar even in price difference. The only way Canada’s going to see better plans is when new carriers come in (Wind et al) who won’t play the CRTC’s game … it’s why their applications are being denied … Rogers and Bell simply terrified of real change.

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