Google gives first official glimpse of Chrome OS

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Google is hosting an event today to offer the first official glimpse at the Chrome operating system. Chrome has ignited enthusiasm in an operating system market that has been largely stagnant for years. Google may succeed in shaking things up a bit,” Tony Bradley reports for PC World.

Bradley asks, “Maybe Google can succeed where Apple and Linux have failed?”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple hasn’t failed. Neither has Linux (if you go back to the server room).

Bradley continues, “Google has a bit of a Midas touch, so it’s not unreasonable to think it could find success with an operating system. It has stunned the mobile operating system market with Android, which is currently taking the world by storm with devices like the Motorola Droid.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bullshit. Beyond search, very little that Google’s touched has turned to gold. You have to first get out of perpetual beta-land before you can ever hope to go gold. And, reporting that Android is “taking the world by storm” is plain old hyperbole. Stick to reporting the facts, Tony.

Bradley continues, “Wherever the Chrome OS ultimately takes us, it seems assured of shaking things up at least a little bit. We’ll have to wait a year or three to see how things turn out and find out whether Google can put a dent in Microsoft’s dominance of the operating system market.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Reporters” who inject personal opinion into articles masquerading as “news reports” obviously do not grasp the value of journalistic credibility. Contact Mr. Bradley, “a 4-time Microsoft MVP,” via email at:


  1. It’s interesting though. Netscape was attempting to do something similar with Navigator. That’s one of the reasons MS went after them so strongly. Google may have chance to do something here if the “cloud computing” concept takes off.

    It’s also interesting to note that both MS and Apple are getting more involved in this idea, so there may be something to it.

    If anyone can be successful with a new OS these days, it would be Google, as they’re on everyone’s desktop in one way or another.

  2. Apple’s success is not confronting MS on the desktop where Apple are simply concentrating on the valuable part of the market and doing very nicely thank you, but in the mobile space where they are murdering MS. The point is that the mobile space is the future of computing not the past as the desktop is rapidly becoming. Google if it has a similar insight could have a similar effect on MS and this, as others have stated, would revolve around the cloud computing environment. As the cloud and mobile computing will be the future MS is likely to be also runs in both areas. From those positions Ms’s desktop dominance would be come rapidly unprofitable and easily attacked from a position of strength. However to believe that Google would have a great effect on the desktop by confronting MS head on is delusional.

  3. I love MDN…but find this a little ironic: “‘Reporters’ who inject personal opinion into articles masquerading as ‘news reports’ obviously do not grasp the value of journalistic credibility.”

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this piece of tripe pretending to be reporting, isn’t bought and paid for by Micro$oft.

    Why? – to interject FUD into a true competitor (Apple) and OS X.

    M$ knows Chrome is just glitter painted on a turd, so they attack OS X by way of pushing Chrome. Get it?

  5. @ spyinthesky – Actually, Apple is also hurting MS in the desktop space, by eating away at Microsoft’s dominance. Microsoft’s business model isn’t sustainable unless they have effective monopoly control – that’s why they’ve moved so swiftly (and illegally) in the past to destroy competition. Now that Google will be squeezing MS from the low end, along with Apple squeezing from the high end, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens.

    @ Spudly – All of the MDN takes are clearly labeled as such. And we already know this is a news+opinion site. It’s not like MDN is pretending to be anything than what it is. It’s people pretending to be “objective reporters”, while squeezing a hidden agenda into their “reports”, that are the real problem.

  6. Yeah, I like the comment, “where Apple and Linux have failed”

    At what exactly? I’m going to assume the netbook OS market? As that’s what Goggle claimed the Crome OS was being developed for.

    Apple doesn’t make an OS for any devices but their own. Furthermore they don’t make a netbook, although some would argue that the iPhone platform could certainly replace one for most tasks.

    And it was because of Linux the whole netbook market could get started in the first place. It wasn’t until Microsoft started to damn near give Windows XP away that Windows began making an appearance on these devices.

  7. Google is by FAR a bigger threat to Apple than Microsoft. The Google Phone WILL be strong competition, ESPECIALLY if they secure VERIZON and Apple doesn’t (a strong possibility given Apple’s past behavior). Google could very well slip into the game and build a better solution than MS and give Apple stronger competition.

  8. “MacDailyNews Take: “Reporters” who inject personal opinion into articles masquerading as “news reports” obviously do not grasp the value of journalistic credibility.”

    Kinda like O’riley and Beck huh?

    Funny the hypocrisy at MDN.

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