FAA: Computer glitch causing widespread U.S. flight delays

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“An FAA computer glitch is causing flights to be delayed and canceled nationwide Thursday,” FOXNews.com reports. “‘We are having a problem processing flight plan information,’ the FAA’s Kathleen Bergen explained in a prepared statement. ‘We are investigating the cause of the problem. We are processing flight plans manually and expect some delays.'”

“Some flights already had been canceled by early Thursday morning, an AirTran Airlines official told The Associated Press,” FOXNews.com reports. “The technical difficulties weren’t affecting air traffic control’s systems, according to Bergen.”

FOXNews.com reports, “Controllers ‘have radio coverage and communications with planes,’ she said.”

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Ben Mutzabaugh blogs for USA Today, “CNN reports the FAA computer system affected by the malfunction is centered in Atlanta. ‘The system — the National Airspace Data Interchange Network, or NADIN — appears to be the same one that failed in August 2008. The FAA said flight plans are being processed through the network’s Salt Lake City, Utah office,’ CNN says on its website.”

“CBS Newsreporter Nancy Cordes has more on the subject via the CBS News website. CBS explains the NADIN ‘system is located in Atlanta and generates the flight plans for all flights on the East Coast,'” Mutzabaugh reports. “She says the glitch is forcing air traffic controllers in the already-congested New York City to space out planes by about 20 miles, instead of the normal eight miles.”

Mutzabaugh reports, “CBS adds ‘the practical ramifications of this problem are that the entire air traffic control system on the East Coast is slowed to about 40-50% of what a normal day would look like. Controllers must input flight data for each takeoff and landing manually.'”

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The FAA’s flight tracker is here.

MacDailyNews Note: This is a developing story and we’ll add more info to this article as soon as we have it.


  1. This is not Mac news. At least you did not only listen to Australian news, and put a American news source in too.

    There has been a replacement for this old as hell system for over a decade. However the airlines have fought it because they wanted private pilots to pay the same amount as them. This could end the ability of small start up airlines. Not to mention the mass retiring of air traffic controllers hired after the mass firing of ATC’s in the 80’s has also caused problems.

    Lets hope common sence will prevail soon. It would be cool if Apple got the contract to replace the system. It would put that N.C. data center to some good use.

  2. MDN has said this is a “developing” story. If MDN eventually states that the system is Windows based, it would be appropriate here. If it is Mac based (nope), it would be news here. If it is another system, some would like to know that anyway. MW: true

  3. If I remember correctly this is an old IBM system that over promissed and under delivered(make your government health care jokes here) and has been continually suseptable to virus and trojan attacks.

    You can google a history on it to find out for sure. Oh, and a computer glitch, is Mac news.

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