Condé Nast plans to bring Wired Magazine, 17 other publications to Apple’s rumored tablet

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Here’s yet another content creator convinced that Apple has a tablet device in the works: Condé Nast says it will have a digital version of Wired magazine ready for the rumored gadget by the middle of next year and will eventually create similar versions for all of its 18 titles,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“But Condé, like other publishers, says Apple won’t actually talk to the company about its plans for the device, or even acknowledge that it has plans,” Kafka reports. “One possible exception is the New York Times, where editor Bill Keller refuses to talk about possible talks with Steve Jobs and company.”

“Condé Nast CEO Chuck Townsend says his company is working closely with Hewlett-Packard and that it has also been communicating its plans to Apple,” Kafka reports. “But Townsend made a point of saying that Apple executives themselves refuse to acknowledge that they’re actually planning a tablet: ‘They’re not talking to anybody openly,’ he says.”

Kafka reports, “So what will Condé’s magazines look like once the tablets appear? The publisher has been showing a demo video to advertisers, industry executives and employees, and I’m trying to convince the company to show it to the rest of the world. But until then, you can get a sense of it by checking out the publisher’s first attempt to port a magazine to the iPhone, [GQ, Dec. 2009, Men of the Year Issue, US$2.99], which was released today at the iTunes App Store.”

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  1. They need different publications for different computer models? Sure, I can see the need to re-format for various sizes and shapes … an 8″ 3×4 screen is a different beast from a 13″ 9×16 screen … but that’s maybe four, maybe six, formats to consider. Even THAT may be getting overly fussy. Three web sizes … 13″+, “phone”, and “in-between” really ought to be sufficient!

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