Analyst: Verizon’s ‘disappointing’ Motorola Droid sales may force carrier into Palm deal

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Palm may prove to be Verizon’s best hope if the Droid line doesn’t bear fruit, Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu said in a note today,” Electronista reports.

“He points to contacts within the cell industry and supply chain that suggest Verizon will carry one or more of Palm’s webOS phones, such as the Pre or Pixi, sometime in 2010,” Electronista reports. “Sales of both the Motorola Droid and HTC’s Droid Eris have purportedly been ‘somewhat disappointing’ and may lead to Verizon using Palm to bolster its smartphone catalog.”

Electronista reports, “Adoption of the smartphones could happen as early as the first half of the year as Sprint’s exclusive isn’t expected to last past 2009.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Hold the mediocre also-ran, we’ll have some third-rate instead” is not a winning strategy. This is like a auto dealership dropping Pontiac for Oldsmobile. Verizon’s between a Droid and a Pre place. In other words, they’re up the creek without an iPhone. They need to stop fooling around with misleading ads and build a network that actually allows users to simultaneously talk and surf the web/email (imagine that!), beg Steve Jobs for an iPhone deal, and start acting like the dumb pipe they are.


  1. Hey! Hold on just big fat minute!

    I’ll have you know that my ’88 Olds Toronado was the best car I’ve ever owned, by a long shot. I wish I still had it… I’d fix it up and make it my primary mover.

  2. I know that both Pre and Droid are not even close to iPhone, but I think Verizon ads are not misleading. Everywhere, my iphone doesn’t work, my girlfriend’s LG chocolate works. And this has happened at least few times.

  3. @Apologist
    Yep, $5 a month and I am out of here. That is all it takes to get us iPhone folks to get a physical keyboard pre. Hell, $10 and we will give up cell phone entirely and use pay phones. Yeah 5 bucks in the pocket instead of a mini computer. Makes a guy think.

  4. @ Eric24601

    Ya, I remember when I thought people in their 40’s was old too. Until you get there. Old is always 20 years older than your current age.

    This YouTube vid looks exactly like my judge. (when I first bought it) I was um, a little rough on her. But hey, won many a race!

  5. > This is like a auto dealership dropping Pontiac for Oldsmobile.

    Oldsmobile? MDN is about a decade out-of-touch, when it comes to cars. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    But I agree. Seems like Droid (or some Android phone) has more long-term potential than a Palm anything.

  6. ken1w,

    MDN’s point was crystal clear to everyone, but you, it seems:

    Verizon dropping Moto Droid for Palm Pre is like a car dealer dropping a soon-to-be-defunct car make (Pontiac) for one that’s already defunct (Olds).

    I’d like to give you an IQ test in order to establish a baseline.

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