Analyst: Apple in position to win 2010 decade

Apple Sale“There has never been a company more prepared for a particular generation than Apple is for the 2010 decade. It was only three years ago that mobile phones were used merely to talk and it was only 15 years ago that we were tethered to a wall by a copper wire,” Jason Schwarz, an analyst at Lone Peak Asset Management, writes in an excerpt of his e-book, Apple Revolution, for

Schwarz writes, “When the history books look back on this generation, they will view our progress as we view the Transportation Revolution of the early 1900s and the Industrial Revolution of the 1800′. Who is bringing to market the contemporary steam engine? Who is building vehicles to take advantage of the new roads? Without question it is Steve Jobs.”

Schwarz writes, “Apple is leading our global culture into uncharted technological waters. His most recent contribution has been underappreciated by the media, but its significance has propelled Apple into its current leadership role.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]


  1. If Apple is expected to do very well in the next decade. Then Microsoft has a lot of “innovation” to ready for it’s products. Had Apple expected to do poorly- Microsoft would be hurting and “innovation” in Windows would slow to a crawl.

  2. The question is and will remain to be, how does Apple keep topping itself? The recent expectation has gotten to be that Apple introduces a new “platform” at least every 5 years. What if come January there is no “tablet” or whatever? Are the expectations for Apple too much? I think they may be.

  3. We know Schwarz likes Apple, from his SeekingAlpha posts; however, is a Jim Cramer vehicle. Usually, you get a Scott Moritz making up some wild negative rumor about Apple. Remember the 1M iPhone target back in 2007? That was his madeup story.

  4. Yeah, Right!
    Let’s look at the market. Apple says it won’t sell ‘crap’, and we believe them. They now own the ‘over-$1,000’ market – so I’ve been told. They have the vaguest presence in the ‘sub-$1,000’ market … which is the vast majority of the market as a whole. We (Apple-lovers) realize that Macs offer more for the price than the lesser-priced machines do, but those lesser-priced machines offer pretty much everything your typical user needs. Well, with a few bits of mal-ware thrown in and such. The only ways Apple can own the bulk of the market would be to a) convince the people to spend twice as much for the same utility or b) sell ‘crap’.
    We may be able to kill off the so-deserving MSFT, but will Apple be the only one left standing? Can I have some of what you’re smoking there, buddy?

  5. @ Amazin1,

    “The question is and will remain to be, how does Apple keep topping itself?”

    To top oneself = To commit suicide.

    Did you really mean “How does Apple keep commiting suicide?”

  6. i don’t want apple to “take over”. I want my little cult left alone. I don’t want hordes of people in the Apple store – i want the mass of losers that used windows for 20 years to keep using Windows and leave me alone.

    case in point – i had an ATI video card dump on my MacPro (not shocking, i know). There was a lady at the Genius bar in front of me (me, with a real problem). She had an iPhone, and she was really slow, and was unable to describe her actual problem to the guy. Finally she said “So, i have this connected to iTunes in Windows. (long pause). Oh, and it is an HP laptop.” thinking that it actually would matter what KIND of PC it was.

    Get out of my Apple store, and get off my lawn, damnit.

  7. @tosj

    Wow, just wow. You had a real problem and she didn’t and yet you didn’t have the balls to tell her to get out of your store? What kind of narcissist are you, anyway?

    You should change your name to The Other Joe Wilcox.

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