Tasteless Microsoft to peddle Windows 7ista desktop space to advertisers

The new MacBook“If this is part of Redmond’s alleged scheme to steal the Mac’s look, it’s got the wrong idea,” Jeff Bertolucci reports for PC World.

“Microsoft has announced plans to peddle Windows 7 desktop space to advertisers, who’ll create Windows UI themes–customized backgrounds, audio clips, and other elements–that highlight their brand,” Bertolucci reports.

These things “won’t be foisted on unsuspecting users. Rather, you’ll have to download and install the ad pitch yourself. As a result, I doubt many Windows 7 users will gripe about ad themes,” Bertolucci reports. “Hey, if you’re a Preparation H fan, why not devote the desktop to your favorite ointment?”

“Microsoft may have refuted the claims of its blabbermouth employee who told a British publication that Windows 7 cribbed its sleek appearance from Mac OS X. (Bad career move there.) But any casual observer can tell that Windows has borrowed more than a few UI concepts from Apple over the years,” Bertolucci writes. “I don’t see why things would change now. [However] if Microsoft truly wants a Mac-like experience for Windows 7 users, it should lock down the desktop.”

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  1. I’m not sure what is new here. Desktops being used to promote a brand are not new. And if I want to use a Ducati image for my desktop, I am essentially advertising for that brand. I read the article, but didn’t grasp anything different from the status quo.

  2. @ Spark:
    That’s the point. All these years later, it’s still true of MS.
    No culture, no originality, nothing that makes your PC feel/act like a Ducati.
    No passion.
    If you can’t get that, well, sorry.
    Steve did and does.
    Apple did and does.
    I did and do.


  3. While PC users might no knowingly download something that would change their desktop into an advertising board, PC makers are probably licking their chops at this new way to make money.

    Thus, if you like all the craplets that come pre-installed on your new PC, then you will love having your desktop turned into a constantly changing advertising sign.

  4. I think this is being over hyped. From what I can see it’s just a background image and a sound effect or two. I just installed the gears of war 2 set and that’s all it was.

    Nothing new, just that since microsoft is offering it as an official set that they get paid for it as ad space or some shit.

    They’ve just found a way to make money of background images lol. Sad really.

  5. I’ve had “ads” as wallpaper for years now. Mostly for Apple products, or certain cars, or … but none I paid for. None that anyone else paid someone if I downloaded it. Sure, someone paid to create it or have it created, but that was about it.
    If MSFT is making a marginal profit off this, that’s just “cheap”. Come ON, guys. You make Billion$, do you really need another Million or two in Gross? A few tens of thousands in Net? Seriously?
    Apple’s market share must have them worried! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Hello! Apple, Inc. applied for a patent for a method of delivery of advertising content through an OS.

    Everybody is looking for a way to make more MONEY.

    When it comes to the bottom line, even Stevie is capable of gross tastelessness.

  7. I can see NASCAR, the NFL, and every OTHER Joe Sixpack sports league going for this in a big way – and CHARGING you for the privilege.

    Automakers too. Beyond that, what other brands might engender that level of loyalty.

    The Preparation H quip was the author being facetious. (I sure hope it was!)

    As far as tasteless, have you seen the desktop patterns that ship with Vista7? Those that aren’t pale imitations of Apple’s nature scenes look like 1960s era Peter Max on a bad acid trip crossed with awful anime/manga/whatever. But no snow leopards. (an my sincere apologies to Mr. Max.)

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