Curtain raised on Apple’s spectacular new NYC retail store at 67th and Broadway

9 to 5 Mac has posted, “The best pictures of Apple’s new 67th and Broadway Store you’ll see until [today’s] press day.”

9 to 5 Mac got a bunch of “snaps from the roof of the theater across the street. The new store opens to the general public on Saturday the 14th [at 10am ET].”

“You’ll notice the whole back wall is Genius Bar, one of the biggest we’ve seen,” 9 to 5 Mac reports.

Check out all of the photos, some of the last taken with the “red curtain” still in place, here.

ifoAppleStore reports that last evening, “workers removed the plastic covering over the enormous glass storefront of the Upper West Side (NYC) retail store, revealing a single, stone-walled room lit by ceiling lights at night, and flooded with sunlight during the day. Besides the ground-level space with four rows of display tables, there is spiral glass staircase leading down to a lower level, presumably the same size as the 8,500 square-foot main level. The size and scale of the store, and the amount of stone that was used both eclipse any previous Apple store project. The only stainless steel visible is on the huge backlit Apple logo suspended from the inside ceiling.”

“At night the store is a beacon visible for several blocks, especially for those approaching by car or on foot from the south. The glow of the ceiling lights, the backlit logo and the back-lit wall graphics are brighter than anything on Broadway. As you approach closer, the towering height of the storefront becomes apparent. Once in front of the building, you realize that Apple opted not to create another Boston or Regent Street (London) store, with a mezzanine level,” ifoAppleStore reports. “They took the Scottsdale Quarter (Arizona) store and did it one better—this single space is about two and one-half times the volume of the Scottsdale building, and with a second level hidden away below ground like Fifth Avenue (NYC).”

Full article here.

“Apple said Thursday that it expects to open 40 to 50 new retail locations next year and that it will focus on bigger flagship stores in major cities,” Andrew LaVallee reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“At a media preview of its fourth New York store, this time on the Upper West Side, Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, said the company sees this location, as well as its glass cube on Fifth Avenue and newly opened store at the Louvre in Paris, as ‘significant stores,'” LaVallee reports. “‘Other retailers call them flagship stores. We don’t use that word,’ he said. Significant stores, more of which will open in London, Paris and Shanghai in the spring or early summer next year, put a premium on high-traffic locations and eye-catching architecture. They also tend to be the Cupertino, Calif., company’s top retail revenue generators, he added.”

LaVallee reports, “The Upper West Side store gives a glimpse of what Apple has in mind. Located on Broadway and 67th Street, where a Victoria’s Secret store used to be, its ground-floor stone walls are 45-feet tall, and it features the first-ever glass roof on an Apple store.Nearly 10,000 people submitted job applications, Mr. Johnson said, and about 220 will staff the store.”

Full article here.

Check out the MobileMe Gallery of the new Apple Store Upper West Side here.

Apple Store Upper West Side info, directions, calendar of events, and more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Haha same here, the employee’s clap when someone purchase a product. Maybe they had the volume down on the video, because I didn’t here anyone X) I heard that they didn’t even put a store in Redmond(the place the Holy Grail was found /s) lmao

  2. I believe it is the same firm they have used for quite some time – but I can’t recall specifically – sorry.

    Wonder if they used LED lighting or are prepared to make the switch? My other concern would be the HVAC system – I would imagine it will take a great deal of energy to keep it cool considering all the glass. Wonder if they have automatic shades to keep the sun loading down in the summer….

  3. @$$$$… Wrong. Tower was a block south at 66th and Broadway. This is across the street from Gracious Home and the big Loew’s Lincoln Square movie theatre.

    It’s in my neighborhood. I’ll walk by on my way to the Metropolitan Opera tonight… Leoš Janáček’s “From the House of the Dead”!

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