Seinfeld takes Microsoft’s $10 million for Windows ads, then goes right back to Apple Mac

“Jerry Seinfeld has pulled the old switcheroo,” Maxine Shen reports for The New York Post. “No more Windows for Bill Gates’ former best pal — the comic has apparently gone back to his first love, Apple [Mac] computers.”

“In 2008, Microsoft paid Seinfeld $10 million to pitch its Windows Vista operating system,” Shen reports.

“But that measly amount bought only one year of his loyalty — and he’s legally free to defect to the competition,” Shen reports. “The funnyman is currently appearing on TV sitting behind a conspicuously placed MacBook Pro. He showed up with his Mac a week ago on an episode of the HBO comedy series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ where he and series star Larry David are shown putting together a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion program.”

“Pairing the comic with PCs was an odd choice from the start, because when Seinfeld was master of his own domain, he had been associated with Macs,” Shen reports. “Classic versions of Apple computers popped up regularly on ‘Seinfeld,’ usually sitting on a desk in Jerry’s TV apartment.”

Shen reports, “An early Mac ad even used a clip of a young Seinfeld doing stand-up.”

Apple’s 1997 “Think Different” ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld which aired only once during the series finale of Seinfeld:

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  1. Maybe it was all a ploy from the start. I mean, you saw the ad spots. I’ve never seen anything that plodding and unfunny since… well, since the last episode of Seinfeld.
    Maybe the whole plan from the start was to take some MS money and make the company look like a homeless nerd in the process.

  2. Jerry never left the fold. $10 mil to pretend to be a PC user for a year? Really? Who wouldn’t take that? Steve Jobs is perhaps the only person on the planet that wouldn’t make that deal. Seinfeld was never considered much of an actor, but even I could act enthusiastic about Windows for $10 mil. It was only a year after all.

  3. I thought about buying msft stock in the late 80s, but decided I didn’t want to be a part of such predatory criminality. Now do I wish I bought the msft and then sold it in early 2000? You bet. Let them pay for my Macs. (Did very well with aapl anyway).

    Seinfeld not only lightened the microsoft wallet, but now he is in position to poison their attempt to buy their way into cool.

  4. HBO is big on Macs and they must have a lot of them on hand for shows. But yeah everyone has their sell out price including Jerry. Not that he needs the money though. He should at least give some of the MS money to charity. Half or America’s children will see food stamps at some point.

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