Powered by Apple’s iPhone, AT&T results top estimates

“AT&T Inc. reported stronger-than-expected third quarter profit as the wildly popular iPhone helped it land a record number of new wireless customers for the period, sending its shares up 3.7 percent,” Sinead Carew and Paul Thomasch report for Reuters.

“Some investors have worried about AT&T’s increasing dependency on Apple Inc’s iPhone for growth, but at least for now the phone is paying big dividends,” Carew and Thomasch report.

“AT&T, which has exclusive U.S. rights to the phone, said it was boosted by 3.2 million iPhone activations in the quarter, with nearly 40 percent of those new to AT&T,” Carew and Thomasch report. “This helped it report 2 million net customer additions, including 1.4 million valuable monthly-bill paying customers. The average forecast from five analysts contacted by Reuters was for 1.5 million net additions.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. My thoughts exactly.

    I don’t care what Verizon reports, they got creamed, and for good reason. They have lagged behind in new technology so long.

    After 7 years with them, they lost my business when I got my iPhone, and I’m never going back.

  2. AT&T;works great for me. Verizon network was ok but not better. Their customer service was atrociously and horrifyingly bad. Their selection of crippled handsets and terrible attitude towards their customers was hard to bear.

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